Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tips and tools for making your 2018 writing goals #Row80

2018 is still a new born year. A stumbling foal just learning to stand. This first week is a great time to really think about the year ahead and what we want to achieve. The problem is staying motivated and reaching those goals. Here are a few tips and resources to help us do just that. 

We'll start with tips. The biggest and best tip I have is to set only one or two major goals. Such as write one entire novel. Once you have your 'big' goal down in ink it's time to think about the steps it will take to get there. Make each of those steps smaller goals. Break it down even further if you need to. Making a series or list of smaller goals makes hitting that big one less daunting. Crossing off each of those steps or smaller goals will allow you to see your progress and keep you motivated.  

Make your goal list visible. Don't just write it in a notebook you keep on your desk. Take one small goal and write or print it out on bright colored paper. Stick it over your work area, stick smaller versions around the house where you are likely to procrastinate. Such as taping one to the edge of your TV screen, or laptop monitor. Stick one to your bathroom mirror or keep a laminated copy in your pocket.  

Seeing that goal will keep it to the forefront of your mind and motivate you to do something about it. Once you reach that goal, take it down and put the next one up. Be sure to move them around a bit. Move the TV one to your coffee pot or eye-level on your bedroom or closet door.  

If something is in the same place for a while we tend to look over it after a while. We don't really pay attention to that item or posting anymore. Changing them to different places now and then keeps it fresh and visible mentally as well as physically.  

Next you need to time your goals. Not a hardcore, etched in stone kind of limit. We all know life has a sense of humor and when we think we have it all on track she comes in with a wrecking ball. Deadlines keeps us motivated but not being able to reaching them can be disheartening to say the least. Especially if it happens more than once. Taking a breath and saying it's okay we can do it next week gives you a little wiggle room and keeps the wheels of progress turning.  

Now that you are ready for some goal setting here are a few fun resources to keep that motivation flowing.  

Round of Words in 80 Days  What better way to stay motivated than to post your goals and share your progress on your blog. With this blogging group fellow writers share their goals and progress then everyone adds their post links to a linky list. You can read and comment supporting each other and encouraging and getting encouraged to stay on track.  

4theWords This is a fun way to motivate you to get writing. You set a word count and pick a quest. As you write you are battling a monster with every word count success you defeat dragons and other creatures saving the kingdom. You want to earn points and travel on in the quest and the only way to do that is to write more! 
This app can keep you on track. You set your goals then get reminders and can track progress of each of them through the app. If you reach an achievement you'll even get a high five and rewards. The app is free or they have a paid option with a link to a human coach for $15. This app is for any kind of goal setting so use it for life goals, writing goals or whatever you want to achieve.  

There we have some goals and some tools. Now it's time for me to take my own advice and set some goals.   Goals for this week January 4th - January 10th: Write at least 500 words every day on work in progress. Go through at least two boxes from the move. 

Now that we have goals let's get to it! Share one of your goal achieving tips in a comment below!  

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