Monday, September 26, 2011

A Magical Book Signing at Raintree

Yup that's me... sorry if I cracked your screen : D

This past Saturday, I did a book signing event at Raintree Books. It's a wonderful new/used book store in Eustis, Florida. Being able to sign here was a very special moment for me. Raintree was the first book store I remember going to.

At about  7 or 8 yrs old. I can remember finding out that magic was real. My mom and I walked into the small storefront and looked at all the books in the little nook right where my table sat on Saturday.

Right in the heart of Historic Down Town Eustis, Florida 

There's a long counter that curves around a corner on the other side of the small storefront. You follow that counter around the corner and the magic happens. The small store becomes this huge one.

With rows and rows of books to explore. They have something for every subject you can imagine. The first time I saw it I was sure there was a wizard in there somewhere.

From the outside the shop looks average size, not big at all. Until you walk around that magical corner into pages of wonder.

Raintree's small storefront where the magic begins.....

Not only did I get a day of signing books. the chance to meet readers, and see my books on a store shelf for sale. I was given a chance to relive that special magic again.

And see a few other first time visitors experience it too. It was a magical afternoon at Raintree Books. I can't wait to go back.

Poof you have a book store 3x as big as the front part.
There has to be a wizard in this place somewhere. Maybe some
fairy dust involved? 

Something that makes every writer's heart skip Their books
on a store shelf. Truly awesome sight. :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Libraries Go EBook With Overdrive

Libraries across the nation have found a way to make EBooks accessible for check out by patrons though Overdrive. That's right you can borrow an ebook for 14 to 21 days on a checkout to your favorite EReader or right to your computer.

Each library has it's own ELibrary site. Lake County, Florida has theirs at  . It is set up like an online store. You choose the book you want to borrow, add it to your chart, then check out. Within seconds you're reading your selection on your favorite device. 

There are only 2 copies available for each title so it is first come first serve, but you can place a title on hold. Instead of add to e cart you click place on hold just as you would searching the print book catalog. As soon as the title is available for you to borrow your Overdrive library will send you an email. Click the link in your email and check out your next favorite read. 

Overdrive library sites are easy to navigate for browsing or a specific search for a title, author, or series. Will these ELibraries take the place of your local library with that libraian who shushes you? Not a chance. 

Libraries are a place with many adventures in and out of the pages. There are many more services, classes, events, author meets, and much more for all ages that you can't get from a website. Did you know you can check out DVDs and music CDs at your library? Audio books, games for Playstation, Wii, XBox and more are available to be checked out for a week at a time as well. 

Libraries are combining with technology to better serve the patrons of their communities. Especially if you're a writer, your local library is an important tool we should never forget. The Lake Library System has been a tremendous supporter for local authors.Support your library today with a visit either virtual or in person today. 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fellow Writers Blog Hop: Remembrance 9/11 the Day My Writing Found a Voice

September 11, 2001 changed our nation, not just the nation but the people in it. Every person that could was watching every stage of the event take place. News of the first plane hitting the South Tower, then watching the second plane hit the North Tower. The disbelief and horror of it all was compounded by the towers sudden collapse. 

For days and days America and the world around her were thick with emotions. These kinds of events are what changes a person and how they think or do things. As a writer I was fairly new at the game still. I dabbled in fan fic and wrote a few short stories for for fun nothing serious. 

My writing was passable but it lacked impact, feeling. In a way the surge of emotions brought on by 9/11 empowered my pen. I began to write more with heart than head. Emotions poured out on the page. I dealt with fear and worry by giving it to my characters Letting them express what I couldn't.  

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who found their writing, effected in this way or others. There were some great stories and music written as this event in our history gave the writer the voice they needed to create. 

The face of our nation changed inside and out. 9/11 took a great deal from us that day. But though the tragedy we were given gifts. We were reminded what real heroes were supposed to be like. We found a unity and strength almost forgotten. This day should be remembered as well as those who gave so much and how it changed us.