Thursday, May 31, 2012

Opportunity Knocks by guest author Dahila DeWinters

Gladiator's Pen welcomes author Dahlia DeWinters to the Ludis. She's here to tell us about an up coming marketing workshop hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers. The camp and group is for more than just the romance genre. There's something for all writers trying to get their books into readers hands.  So pour a cuppa and enjoy. Don't forget to leave a comment! 
Opportunity Knocks at Marketing For Romance Writers Summer Camp. Open the door to our MOTTO: SEEK, TEACH, LEARN, SHARE, SUCCEED
Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp is July 14th – July 15th. To receive updates for the camp or learn more about it and MFRW, please sign up here:
“I had to let it happen
I had to change
couldn’t stay all my life down at heel
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun.” – Evita (Lyrics by Tim Rice)
I’m a musical person.  I firmly believe that there are two kinds of music, good and bad.  That’s it.  I’ll listen to anything if it catches my ear.  My collection extends from Sinatra to the Spice Girls, so that’s pretty clear, right?
So, Dahlia, you may ask, what does this have to do with your post?  I’ll tell you.  Marketing For Romance Writers (MFRW) is a group that I accidently stumbled upon while looking for groups for romance writers on Yahoo. And am I glad I did.
The group is filled with so much support and information that is useful for the beginner to the “advanced” romance writer.  Places to request reviews, places to guest blog, things to avoid:  the members are so open and ready to share their experiences.  Too shy to ask a question?  No problem, run a search and I am sure you will find the answer to your question, or at least find a resource. They’ll even help you with your email signature.
Here’s where Evita comes in.  Marketing your book is about change.  You must change.  Accept change.  Initiate change.  It is only through change that we can learn, share our knowledge and succeed in this business. We can’t do the same old things that were done even last year and expect them to work.  We, as writers, have to keep up with the ever changing environment of the Internet, keep ahead of the trends,  so that we are riding the wave instead of drowning in it.
So are you going to catch a wave with us this summer?  I’ll bring the tunes. Not just showtunes either, I promise.
MFRW is sponsoring a free summer camp on July 14th to July 15th.  Two days, full of information.  To receive updates for the camp or learn more about it and MFRW, please sign up here:
Dahila DeWinters writes romance off the beaten path.  Check out her blog at

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Camps for Writers

Camp NaNoWriMo
June is right around the corner, which means summer, fun and… camp! Campfires with ghost stories, smores, hot dogs on sticks and writing lots and lots of writing.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts on June 1st.  Just like it’s big brother NaNoWriMo that takes place in November writers gather to make the mad dash of 50,000 words in 30 days.

At Camp NaNo you have a profile, novel page, a place to log your word count as often as you wish to update it. Instead of forums, writers get a cabin with four other campers to chat with and share all the adventures.

This is a great way to give that novel a summer push. If one month of Camp NaNo is this much fun, how about two months?  There is a second session of camp that takes place in August. Writers can chose to do June, August or both. Despite the pressure to make that 17667 daily word count, the atmosphere of camp is more relaxed.

Marketing for Romance Writers Summer Camp
If you’re looking for a little less pressure July 14th -15th Marketing for Romance Writers is holding a free summer conference of their own.

A workshop called Opportunity knocks. MFRW’s motto is Seek, teach, learn, share succeed. The conference will cover many aspects of marketing for writers. The group is mostly romance writers but this conference will provide tools and information that all genres can put to use.

Author Dahlia DeWinters will be stopping by the Ludis June 1st to tell you more about the event and group. So be sure to drop back by.

This summer there are many great opportunities for learning, writing and fun. So grab your backpack and bear repellent and let’s go to camp! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

X Y Z The end or the beginning?

X, Y, and Z are the last three letters of the alphabet. The last three posts of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I didn’t quite make it to those three letters before the timer ran out on the 2012 challenge, but I did make it further than last year.

On the 2011 challenge I made it to P for Patience. Something I exhibited a great deal during the month of April. I created a challenging theme for myself. The Saga of Ben Mason, his journey from a young fool about to lose everything he had in a card game, as a soldier in the civil war and as an outlaw seeking vengeance for his family’s deaths.

Ben’s story ended around the letter K with Killing Hammond… or so I thought. It felt like an end at the time but lately Ben has been yammerin in my ear. He keeps telling me that we need to go back and fill in the blanks we left between posts and there is more to his story to come. Don’t you love it when characters get bossy?

This April was both difficult and inspiring as I struggled to keep up with posting, having a flu bug twice and going back to school. Once Ben’s story ended (or so I thought) I managed to come close to catching up.

I made it all the way to W for Warned before the gong rang and found some wonderful new blogs to follow. So I am calling A to Z 2012 a success here on Gladiator’s Pen, and like the Ben Mason story, it doesn’t end here.

There are more challenges to come and more stories to tell. I look forward to each and every one.

If you would like to read Ben Mason's story start here with Aces and Eights and enjoy the ride.