Saturday, April 5, 2014

Don't Touch : Blogging from A to Z Letter D

About Don't Touch
Dr Ryan Reign has unlocked a gift she calls a curse. Detective Jackson Prince and his partner need her help to stop a serial killer before he murders again.

One problem Dr. Reign can't touch or be touched. She's become a recluse, never leaving her home for fear of what she might 'see'. Jackson knows he has to help her accept her gift or there will be more deaths. 

It takes a woman's touch to catch a killer.

 5 Star Review
Great book! Couldn't put it down kept me reading the entire book! I wanted to wait and read some later but I couldn't I had to finish. There was enough romance, mystery and intrigue to keep me anxious to finish and make sure they hot the bad guy!!! Can't wait to read more by Elise.

4 Star Review

Don't Touch was very enjoyable to read. The writing style, the plot, and the characters are all very good. Elise has quite the imagination! I like a mystery with a "twist". I think the story would be a great series for the future.

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