Monday, April 7, 2014

Empty pages, events, and ever changing goals A to Z letter E

Today marks the first day of the 2nd Quarter for Round of Words in 80 Days or ROW80 for short. The first day of making new goals and making new accomplishments.

ROW80 is a challenge for writers that gets we have a life and can’t always write two or three thousand words in a day. With this challenge writers set goals they want to accomplish in an 80 day time period.

Those goals can be anything, even not writing related. The best part about ROW80 is the wonderful group of folks that support each other through the quarter. It makes a big difference sometimes when you share a weekly update with a struggle and someone comments hey, I’m going through that too, we can conquer it!

That support can help charge a writer’s waning batteries so they can find the energy to fill those empty pages with, a novel, blogs, articles, and more. Sometimes we don’t reach our weekly goals and that energy fails too.

We have to remember that goals aren’t set in stone. They can change as our life gets crazy with activity or we realize that maybe that goal isn’t what we needed it to be. Never be afraid to simplify or break down a goal into something more manageable.

There will be times that even the simplest goal just doesn’t happen for us. That’s okay too. We have to have failures to recognize the successes. We also need to remember we’re not Super Scribe.

Being ambitious with goals can be a good thing. Elvis Presley said Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. Ambitious goals can be exciting and make us driven to succeed. Yet we should be cautious, it’s very easy in our excitement to take on too much or push too hard to get the results we want so badly.

When Super Scribe gets hit by Kryptonite we just have to take a breath, step back, and re-evaluate those goals to see what needs tweaked before we leap to next chapter and type faster than a flying bullet.

That brings me to my goals for the second ROW80 quarter
  1. Finish Novel
  2. Start Editing Novel
  3. Get on a better schedule
4.    Get rid of at least two boxes of clutter/junk a week.
Goals for this week
  1. Work on scheduling things better
  2. Write at least 3,000 words.
  3. Get rid of two boxes of clutter/junk

Now for something fun announcing some upcoming author events that I’ll be attending with my fellow JLB Creatives Publishing team members as well as awesome authors. Janet Beasley and Jane E Lane.

May 11th 10 am - 2pm
Clermont Community Center
620 W Montrose St., Clermont, FL 34711

 Sydney and her friends, "JLBCreatives" will be signing copies of their best selling books. After a day of shopping at the Clermont Farmers Market, head on down to the Community Center and say hi to "Sydney" and all her friends. A reading station will be set up for the kiddies to sit and read to Sydney. We will be selling T-Shirts and raffle tickets to benefit our reading programs.

Stay up to date by following the event on Facebook! HERE

May 17th -18th
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
Long & Scott Farms 26216 CR 448-A, Mt. Dora, FL

Elise will be there with the JLB Creatives Publishing team exhibiting at the festival. Stop by, say hello and don't forget to pick up some great new books to read while you munch your delicious Zellwood Sweet Corn!

For more info about the event go to Long & Scott Farms

See what I mean by needing to schedule stuff better? I have a slew of JLB work stuff and writing stuff and well you get the picture lol. If you’re local I hope you can stop by at one of our events and say hi! Well, that’s my Super Scribe plan for the quarter what’s yours?

*puts on cape and mask then grabs her mighty pen…. Time to fill some of those empty pages. 

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