Friday, April 18, 2014

OneWord/60 Seconds for L, M, N, O, and P Catching up with A to Z is a website for getting the muse warmed up. Each day you get one word and sixty seconds in which to write what it inspires.This is my entry for today's One Word. What's yours? For more of my past One Word entries, check out my One Word Profile EliseV.
Your turn, 60 seconds. Go!

Instead of staking out the local chop shop he could be out with Gina, or Lola. Oh yeah Lola. He popped the lid off his coffee and tossed it onto the dash with the rest of the night’s collection. Maybe this one wouldn't taste like used oil.

After seven hours of crap coffee and no action, he watched the sleek sedan pull up to the garage door. The detective took a tentative sip and sighed as a big man stepped out of the car and straightened his coat, the hood he’d been looking for. He regretfully tossed the first decent cup of java all night out the window and flipped on the flashing lights. At least his wasn't the only date night to get ruined. 

He knew it, there was a mole in the station. Looking down at the body of his CI he blamed himself. But he
swore to find this mole and make him pay for the death. The kid might not have been an innocent but sure as hell didn’t deserve to die.

Sitting on the bus, she began to notice the man in the seat catty corner to her. He was fidgety. Shifting left. then right. Something was very wrong about that man and the way he clutched the shopping bag on his lap.

Have some optimism, there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud. That’s what my mother would say when we were frightened of the creatures in the dark. She couldn’t see them so she didn’t think they existed. Even now as I cower under the covers, a grown woman I find myself whispering those words. Could there really be a sliver lining to the dark shadow looming over my bed? 

Looking down, he saw a wooden panel loose on the desk. The jutting corner begging for discovery. Gently he pried at it with the tip of a pin. The panel fell to the floor, revealing a compartment. Reaching inside, he pulled out a diary, the first line read…. “My God,what have I done?”

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Abby said...

All of these flash stories were so good! And thanks for the tip about I'd never heard of it, but it sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to try it.