Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bite : Blogging from A to Z Challenge

“And then… I bit him.” She dipped her head and covered her face with her hands to hide the rising color in her cheeks.

Mina gently pulled Susan’s hands from her face. The poor pup had turned scarlet to her ears. “Honey, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. He probably thought it was sexy.”

Susan shook her head violently. “I bit him. Not a nibble or nip. It was a solid bite like a crazed flesh eating zombie bite.”

It was becoming more difficult for Mina not to at least grin at her friend’s plight. “It really couldn’t have been that bad.”

“This morning he still had teeth marks and it was bruising. Oh, Mina, I don’t know what happened. Once minute we were passionate and tearing each other’s clothes off then… chomp. You’re my guide; you’re supposed to have all the answers.”

Susan flopped back on the sofa, sure her lover would never speak to her again. “He just smelled so good, not good as in nice cologne. Good as in a juicy burger with the works good.”

She sat bolt upright, eyes wide and heart suddenly racing. “He won’t be infected will he?”

Mina remembered her own transition, it was hard, but she was older and had experience in the world. Susan is a young girl entering the netherworld. She was still ruled by impulse. Mina took the girl’s soft hand in hers patting the back of it gently. “No, he won’t be, even if you broke the skin.”

With a gentle smile she wiped a tear from her pup’s cheek. “We’ll be laughing about this next week. You’ll see. After your first full moon all those urges to eat your boyfriend will fade.”

Susan’s expression grew horrified. “What if it doesn’t?”

Mina grinned. “You wouldn’t be the first bitch to eat her mate. Now go freshen your make-up we have shopping to do.”  


Tara Tyler R said...

a little snack among vampire girlfriends... creepy goodness!

happy c day!

Lexa Cain said...

This is funny! "...crazed, flesh-eating zombie bite." Hahaha!
(new follower)
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Siobhan said...

I really enjoyed reading your story, can't wait for the rest of April!