Friday, April 29, 2011

On Top of the World

Photo by Elise VanCise  2011

The Ferris wheel turned the car slowly skyward. His hands gripped the safety bar until his knuckles turned white. Heights were not his thing. The best he could handle was changing a light bulb. Now here he sat on a bench climbing up above the highest roof top he could see.

He tried to just look straight ahead but that wasn’t working. His line of vision kept changing. Closing his eyes made him feel woozy with the gentle rhythmic swing of the car and the sensation of rising. Focus on something, just one thing and watch it until we stop.

Searching he found a roof top. Christmas lights still adorned the edge .There were some leaves and maybe a darker spot where the roof needed repair. This was better. He could make it to the top. Banishing that last idea of being on the top he concentrated harder on the roof.

Dude, you really need to clean out those gutters. The car started to slow then stop. Stop! We can’t stop!  We’re on top of the world here!  

The giant wheel creaked a bit in the soft breeze. Oh God get me down from here in one piece and I’ll be in the front pew this week. I swear. 

His eyes darted to the next sound and he realized he could see out over the entire town. Panic set in he was sitting 100 feet in the air. With nothing but a skinny metal pipe keeping him from plummeting to his death.
A bird few by. Birds! We’re the same height as birds fly! He watched the wings stretch as the creature soared passed them. It was actually kind of cool watching it. He was seeing things from a bird’s eye, literally.

He could see everything from here. Even some of the town beyond the fair grounds.  The gardens nearby were in full bloom, the flowers making a pattern from here. Cool that looks like a starfish and a rabbit. I wonder if they meant for that to happen. Hey there’s my wife and son coming out of the fun house. 

He started to relax, just enough to keep from bending the metal bar. This was kind of fun. He looked down at some of the other rides watching the faces of people as they looked up and screamed in terror on the roller coaster. Behind the tilt-a-hurl was an interesting scene.

Wait a minute. That’s my oldest son with that cheerleader he likes.  He almost leaned forward a bit to get a better look at what they were doing behind the ride. Then it happened he watched them get closer until their lips touched.

His son’s first kiss was a cheerleader. Before he could stop himself he shouted. “Way to go, boy!”

He sank back in the seat afraid his son would look up at his exclamation. Then he was saved by the ride starting back up and moving around. The trip down wasn’t too bad. Except for that last good wind that rocked his seat making his fingers go all white knuckled again.

When he stepped off his youngest son and wife were waiting for him. She grinned proudly. “I didn’t think you’d really ride the Ferris wheel.”

He puffed up a bit quite proud of himself for conquering his fear… sort of.  “Are you kidding? Up there your on top of the world.”

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**Part of the A to Z Challenge 2011...Letter O**


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