Friday, April 8, 2011

Festival of Reading 2011

One of my favorite events of the year is the Lake County Festival of Reading.This year the festival theme was Murder, Mystery and Mayhem.

There have been some really great programs all week long and still two days left to go in the festival.  I had the honor of being the featured author for the Astor County Library for April 7th. 

Pam Goodson, library manager and the staff of Astor Library are all fantastic people. They have been very supportive of me as an author. I think it's important for an author to have a library home and this is mine. I'm very proud to be a part of the Festival and Astor Library events. 

My son and I were excited to get down there and set up. Tristan was my fabulous photog for the event. 

We were hosted in the Florida room. The cool garland around the table was made by Pam. It has a night and Black Knight Securities. 

Black Knight Securities is the business Valeska Gorstef owns. She's the main character of my novel Half which was featured tonight. 

There were some great door prizes a  book bag filled with goodies and a n autographed copy of Half.  And a honey themed basket to raise funds for the festival program. 

My main subject of tonight was NaNoWriMo and the Writing Experience. About the challenge of writing 50, 000 words in only 30 days and finding the joy of writing. 

It doesn't matter what your skill level is, as long as you're putting words on paper and enjoying the thrill of creating a world of your own. 

See people really came! :) There were library patrons and two members from my writing group that meets monthly. 

Hey if you're in the Lake County, Florida area come join us at the Eustis Denny's the last Wednesday of this month at 6:30pm.  We have a great time munching, discussing writing and sometimes critiquing each others work. 

And speaking of noms.... 
Pam made a fantastic cake and we had those great Half and Half cookies. Remember that Seinfeld eppisode... :)  

It was a great event with food, fun, and fantastic people. People who know how wonderful books are and how great a community library can be.

You can check out the rest of the festival events here Lake County Festival of Reading 2011. 

Go support your library :) Check out a book, music CD or DVD today. 



mooderino said...

That looks great, congrats. I'm off to the library!
Moody Writing

R.M. said...

That is really awesome! It looks like you guys had a good time! Does this happen every year? Do they have any weekend events? Id love to check it out if there is anything happening non the weekend (that's the only time I have free time, unfortunately).

Sherri said...

Just stopping by to say hi on the way through the A-Z challenge!

Lazy Girl said...

Congratulations!! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I wish that they did this sort of thing at my libraries!!

Nicole said...

Congrats on being featured that the festival of reading. That is a nicely designed poster that they use to promote this event.

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