Thursday, April 7, 2011

Excellent Reader Review.... Sort of

Letter E in the A to Z Blog Challenge

Tonight was my big event of the year the Lake County Festival of Reading. But I’ll save those details for the next post in the A to Z challenge. J  An older gentleman was one of the guests tonight.

He told me he’d checked out two of my novels, Don’t Touch and Half. I’m always thrilled to notice one of my books missing from its resting place on the library shelf. Hearing from someone that did the deed is even nicer. Better yet, Mr. Tucker proceeded to tell me he really enjoyed reading Don’t Touch.

He told me he liked reading about the places in Lake County where the book is set and that it was just a good read.

Now on the other hand… he read Half and didn’t enjoy it. Said that it was a bit over him which is a sweet way of saying honey I didn’t like the vampires.

Yes, I’m admitting a reader didn’t like a book. Hey can’t make everyone happy I’ve had other raving reviews for Half. It just wasn’t enjoyable for him. I like that he told me he didn’t enjoy it and why.

 If we don’t get a few bad reviews how are we going to improve? You listen to the review or feedback objectively. Then decide if you felt the reason was preference or was there something off that might need a second look. 

Our readers’ views might not always match ours but we need to listen and learn from the bad as well as the good.

Mr. Tucker and I talked for quite a while before the program began and he’s a very sweet man who patrons our wonderful library system. Mr. Tucker said he prefers to read westerns. Well he’s in luck.

Rose Wade and I are working on a western novel. Hopefully I can get another review from Mr. Tucker when it’s published. Or maybe he’ll give me another chance with my other book out now, In the Dark.

Either way I cant’ wait to see what the next review will say.


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festival8 said...

Well, I've had the priviledge of reading Half in its early stages and I like vampires(reading them lol) and thought you had solid characters and an interesting premise. I can't wait to read the whole book.