Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movies About Writers

Writers write stories but they make great characters too. Quite a few movies have been made with writers as the staring character. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Swimming Pool
Mystery Writer Sara Morton needs a change of view. Her publisher offers the use of his French villa for her to write and relax. (yes at this point I’m insanely jealous.)  The beautiful villa has a large swimming pool which becomes a common element between Sara and the young Julie claiming to be the publisher’s daughter shows up out of the blue, bringing chaos and intrigue into Sara’s well ordered world.

I enjoyed watching Sara go from being a strict well ordered woman to finding her self doing things far out side her comfort zone.

Secret Window 
Demented John Shooter accuses mystery writer Mort Rainey of stealing his story. Claiming he wrote it first. Shooter demands restitution and for Rainey to tell the world the truth.

Through out the film you’re never quite sure what the truth is. There are hints of it if you really know where to look. Johnny Depp portrays Rainey with is usual witty and entertaining way. With a conclusion with a twist that will tickle any mystery buff.

State of Play
This is the American adaptation of the British series. Of course there is no way to pack all the great stuff from the series into a 2 hour movie but I think we did a pretty good job representing the spirit of it with this version.

Russell Crowe (*sighs dreamily*) plays journalist Cal McCaffery. He’s assigned to a story which involves his old college buddy turned politician, played by Ben Affleck. The more Cal digs into the truth the more dangerous it becomes. For he and his side kick Della.

Of course it doesn’t help that Cal, had an affair back in the day with said buddy’s wife. You’ve got a powerful story of politics, cover ups, romance, and murder. Who done it, who’s still doing it, and who’s going to cover it up.

True Crime
Clint Eastwood plays the hard core, boozing, skirt chasing reporter Steve Everett. Everett is sent to San Quentin to interview a man on death row. The inmate claims to be innocent, the evidence against him was all circumstantial.

Something about the story rings in Everett’s ears. He sets out to find the truth, did the man awaiting execution in a matter of hours murder that woman or was it mistaken identity. Something else that appeals to me, this story is based on a real life event. It’s a thrilling tale not just about the inmate and his truth but the revelations Everett has about his own life.

There you have it four films to sink your writer’s teeth into. So pop some corn and heat up the DVD player for a night of great writing on screen.

**Part of the A to Z Challenge 2011 Letter M**  



Michelle Gregory said...

i've never even heard of these. some of my favorite movies about writers are Shadows in the Sun with Harvey Keitel, Nim's Island with Jody Foster, and Stranger Than Fiction with Emma Thompson.

nutschell said...

I've watched the secret window. It was a bit disturbing.:S State of play sounds interesting. i'll check it out. thanks for sharing.

Nicholas Denmon said...

I think there was a movie with Chevy Chase where he had writer's block... That was solid and then recently a movie called Love Actually had a writer who fell in love with his house keeper... Awesome post! I am your newest follower!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Do you know, I don't think I've seen any of these films! I may have to look them up.