Monday, April 11, 2011

Internet Connections

Remember the days when the only way to get on line was to use a dial up service. There were only maybe two companies to choose from at the time. And look at us now.

Businesses that operate only in this cyber world. Places like Facebook and message boards for us to connect with people around the globe. The internet has lengthened our reach to beyond our imaginations.

It was in November of 2007 I made a very important connection. I met my best friend and Sister in Heart Rose. We’ve never met face to face but we talk every day by the magic of the internet.

When it behaves that is. Technology is still fickle when it comes to keeping a signal though a thunder storm or the power goes out. (that latter happens way to often at my house, when you live in the woods you sit in the dark.. a lot)  But rarely do we miss a time to chat.

Rose is one of the sweetest most generous people I know. She’s been there for me in the darkest of hours. Even though we have lived an entire country apart. She lived in Washington and I live in Florida. Now we’re just a few states apart, her hubby is a military man stationed in Virginia.  

We found so much in common and things that gave us a bond into sisterhood.  Our love for all things Russell Crowe was a big bonding point of course ;) Being moms of two boys the same age that I think were one boy split in some kind of  Star Trek transporter accident. And lastly a love of writing. We started writing together on the fan fiction board where we met. Then created our own board, then grew from there. 

We write every day together. Sometimes serious, sometimes just for kicks. Rose is a talented writer. I always look forward to her next work. She has a gift for capturing the emotion of the moment in prose.

One of the best things about our friendship is the honesty we have. We can tell each other something stinks or just isn't quite right. Or in my case Rose reminds me of all the grammatical taboos. I'm sure I've given her a few gray hairs at the expense of my tense switching alone. But I am more than happy to hear her say uh... you did it again, instead of a yeah that's great when it's really not. 

It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone you know you can trust so completely. Someone who doesn’t judge, who will encourage. I hope I do the same for her. The last couple of years have been really hard on my side of life. If it weren’t for Rose. I’m not so sure I could make it though. Thank God for those internet connections.

Everyone should have a close friend but having that friendship grow into something more like family is even better. So this post is a tribute to my bestest friend, my writing partner, and Sister in Heart, Rose Wade.  

Part of the A to Z Challenge... I    To find Rose's posts for A to Z and more go here  Outlaw's pRose


Misha said...

it's wonderful that you have such a wonderful friendship. You are so lucky!


Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Have you ever met in person?

Elise said...

Hi Dawn :) Nope we've talked on the phone and by computer but never met in person yet :) We're hoping to do that soon though :)