Friday, April 26, 2013

Update ROW80 Round 2 Week 4

Week 3 had lots of stumbles and splats, but nothing a bit of duct tape couldn’t handle. There were a few major strides that took place too. Whoo hoo!

Update on Goals for Round2 Week 3
1. Yup Catching up again with A to Z and maintaining it. Um… oops? Came close but no cigar on keeping up, however not so far behind just one letter behind, two if this posts after midnight. :P
2. Get in word count for NaNo YES! Camp NaNo has been Verified and Won. That was a big plus for the week.
3. Get at least half a chapter of work a day in class Yes! Class is tooling along pretty well. Thank goodness, this textbook has a lil more zing to the reading and not so much zzzz.

That big curve ball LIFE tossed into my lap last couple of weeks is finally starting to wind down just a bit. Some days you just need a good roll of duct tape to get you by.

Duct tape is the universal fix all. Leaks, tears, stubborn chair legs, and even novels and goals. A good strip of duct tape to patch things together can keep us running until LIFE settles down long enough to make solid repairs.

It even comes in awesome designer colors and patterns now to make your patches fashion forward. So this
week I’m moving forward with new goals and keeping a roll of duct tape handy.

New Goals for Round 2 Week 4
1. Finish A to Z Challenge. This year I’m making it to Z.
2. NaNo is done so now it’s time to search for the next story. Going to get that outline and start spinning a new tale.
3. Get at least half a chapter of work on class done a day.
4. Get at least one article written and published this week.

Do able and easily patched with a strip of duct tape if the week springs a few leaks.

Have you done any patch work on your weekly goals?

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John Wiswell said...

Congratulations on blasting your NaNo goals! My own weekly goals were meager, what with family invading my house. Mostly to get all the A-to-Z posts ready and a submissions package together for Viable Paradise.

John at The Bathroom Monologues