Friday, April 5, 2013

D is for Don't Touch

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you couldn't touch. Not able to hug the ones you love, touch an everyday object without having a nightmare or at the least learning something you really might not want to know. 

That's how it is for the main character in my novel Don't Touch. She has unlocked part of her mind that lets her see impressions left behind on objects or people. The ability is called psychometry or object reading. There are some who believe it is a psychic gift and they can tell you your past or future by handling personal items. 

These people read the energy you've left behind on the object. Science says we give off a kind of energy, everything around us does. Some people and things can be more sensitive to picking it up. In reality everyone has this gift. That vibe you get when you walk into a room.. your getting a feel of the energy that's moving around in there. 

We are all slightly sensitive to the world around us. In Don't Touch I just took it a step further and gave Ryan  a more psychic ability. It was a lot of fun to explore, that's the best part of writing. Be sure to explore the mystery and discovery that Ryan and Jackson make in Don't Touch. 

Dr Ryan Reign has unlocked a gift she calls a curse. Detective Jackson Prince and his partner need her help to stop a serial killer before he murders again.

One problem Dr. Reign can't touch or be touched. She's become a recluse never leaving her home for fear of what she might'see'. Jackson knows he has to help her accept her gift or there will be more deaths. 
It takes a woman's touch to catch a killer.   

Ryan nodded then went to the girl on the table. That’s who deserved her attention at the moment. She was a pretty girl. Not tiny but not overweight, just built like a real woman, with curves.

The knife wounds looked as if they may match the weapon in the photos. They were fairly deep. It was odd though the seven wounds looked like they almost formed a circle. She wondered if this was done on purpose or just a random effect.

Everything else was run of the mill until she checked the eyes. The cornea of the left eye was missing. An exam of the right she found it was intact. “Make a notation to check her past medical records for a keratectomy.”

It was odd to come across someone so young with such a procedure. The girl had fought back there were cuts and broken nails from trying to block the blade, defensive wounds, all over her hands and arms. “Lydia, help me get her undressed.”

The tech came over and they tugged the jeans off. Ryan always felt like she was playing dress up with an oversized doll. It would have been easier to just cut the clothing off but it might compromise possible evidence. So they undressed the bodies the old fashioned way.

 Ryan caught her glove on the edge of the table tearing it from her right palm. “Damn.” Seeing the tech cast a worried glance she added. “I’m alright, ripped my glove.”
Lydia nodded and folded the jeans and a tube of lipstick fell from the pocket. Out of instinct Ryan reached for it and caught it in her unlatexed palm. She swore angry that she had just contaminated possible evidence.

Suddenly images started to flash, the victim in a room, screaming. The girl crying as she applied the lipstick looking in a mirror. The feel of something being forced into her body. Ryan screamed in agony as she felt the knife being drawn out, knowing it would be plunged again. Falling to the floor Ryan dropped the tube but continued to scream until shock made it all fade to black.

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Psychometry is a fascinating concept. Good for you exploring it in a novel. When A - Z is done, I'll be resuming my Themes/Premise series. Check it out; it's an ideal opportunity to promote your title. If you're interested, I'll send you guidelines. -Belinda (A - Z participant).