Monday, April 1, 2013

April Altitudes

Flying High
I’m still on a high after participating in such an awesome author event, Authors in the Park: Spring into Art. There were eleven other authors in the event held in the Renaissance Building in Mt. Dora, Florida. I was able to get acquainted with some wonderful authors as well as introduce new readers to my books.

A big highlight was a local book reviewer offered to review my books. Just check out the video below for all the wordtastic fun we had. If you’re a Central Florida author you should definitely look into Authors in the Park sponsored by JLB Creatives and you can find them on Facebook at Authors in the Park.

Reaching High
April 1st is the begging of Round 2 for A Roundof Words in 80 Days. This round has some lofty goals considering I signed up for both Camp NaNo and The Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Both these events start today as well and If you’re interested sign ups are still open on all three! I’ve also been diving back into my studies for a degree in Hospitality Management.

I’m going to reach high with all of these goals and other projects dropped in along the way, but I’m not going to be ridged when things get shaky. With that many clouds in the sky turbulence is to be expected and course adjustments made along the way. With that in mind here are my goal lists.

Round 2 Goals
1. Finish the Blogging from A to Z challenge (Made it so close last year!)
2. Make my 25k word count set for Camp NaNo (awesome feature setting your own word count goals this year.) That should give this novel a good kick-start.
3. Complete the above mentioned novel rough draft by the end of Round 
4. Complete 2 classes in school
5. Clean out my bedroom closet. (Goodwill is gonna love me :)

Goals for Round 2 Week 1
1. Post daily for A to Z
2. Make daily word count of 834 words for Camp NaNo
3. Take next exam this week for studies.
4. Work 20 minutes at least 3 days this week on the dark pit closet.

I hope I don’t pull an Icarus and fly too close to the sun with everything I’ve packed into April. Regardless, I’m heading for high altitudes thinking about how satisfying it will be crossing bits of this list off. I did pack my parachute just in case though. :)

What have you packed into your April? How do you handle lofty goals?


Laura Marcella said...

Hello, Elise! You've set some terrific goals and have a great attitude. I always do NaNo in November, but I haven't yet participated in Camp NaNo. Good luck with that and all the rest of your goals!!

Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Guilie Castillo said...

Yikes--lofty goals indeed! No way I'd be able to cope--as it is, we'll be on vacation the second half of the month, and keeping up with A-Z will be tough enough then. But you sound like you've got it all under control :) Looking forward to getting to know you during April!

M. J. Joachim said...

Sounds like you're very busy indeed! Good luck with everything!

Summer Ross said...

You know what- You can do it. your goals may seem like a lot but they are realistic and you have a high chance of meeting them. Have a great Tuesday!


baygirl32 said...

those are some high goals, I hope you reach them all!

A to Z Ninja Minion

Margot Cioccio said...

Your plate sure sounds full. Best wishes for a successful A-Z and Camp Nano.
Blessings, Margot (a-z ing with two of my blogs this year)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all of your challenges this month! I'm also participating in 3: A to Z Challenge, Camp NaNo (I am following you on Twitter as a result of NaNoWriMo) and NaPoWriMo. Keep up the great work!! :)