Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goals ROW80 Session 2 Week 2

I made some tough goals for my self this session. I’m happy to say that there is a lot of progress forward on them. Not as much as I ambitiously grabbed for but still all forward no backward makes for a happy goal :)

Progress is as follows:
Goals for Round 2 Week 1
1. Post daily for A to Z  UPDATE: Fail. Didn’t post daily had a bus full of LIFE fall in my lap. But today is catch up day lol.  
2. Make daily word count of 834 words for Camp NaNo  UPDATE: Check! There was a bit of an alter to this just before the start my daily count dropped to 650 daily words for Camp. Pages are filling though!
3. Take next exam this week for studies. UPDATE: Check! Finished this portion of the class work and passed the exam with a 94%. One more to go for this class whoot!
4. Work 20 minutes at least 3 days this week on the dark pit closet. UPDATE: Not really a fail not really a check. Due to that bus full of LIFE, I was only able to get 1 session of 20 minutes in but did go through to boxes on another day and tossed some things. Small progress but progress ;)
Now time for some shiny new goals:

Goals for Round 2 Week 2
1. Catch up and post daily for A to Z
2. Make daily word count for Camp NaNo (650 Words)
3. Finish class
4. Work 20 minutes 3x a week on the black hole of clothes and junk closet.

How is your goal list shaping up? Do you have something that keeps you on track? 

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anothercleanslate said...

You are keeping yourself busy. Good luck keeping up with your goals!

alberta ross said...

Not a bad week at all - LIFE eh! all the best for next week:)