Monday, January 21, 2013

The 7 Line Challenge and a vampire's kiss

Writers are asked to post 7 lines from either the 7th line down on either the 7th or 77th page of their book or work in progress. I dare you to say that 7 times fast :) The following passage comes from my paranormal thriller HALF.

Valeska appeared to glide along the floor. Her movements were almost ethereal as she approached a man with long dark hair like hers. He wore black jeans and a white shirt that looked like something a pirate might wear. A gold cross-dangled from a hoop in the man’s ear. It should have seemed absurd but somehow it seemed just as it should be.

Valeska bowed before him but the man raised her chin and kissed her lips lightly. In a
macabre dance, they turned as he offered her his wrist and in return, she offered hers.
Each took a moment to kiss the sweet pulse there before taking a different kind of kiss.

A vampire’s kiss. Each sipped then let go.

Did you enjoy that little tease? You can get the full novel on Amazon  or Smashwords 

Now seven fellow writers are nominated to take the challenge.
Rose Mangrobang
Michelle Moon
Michelle Turner
Vanna Smythe
Stormie Kent
Pepper Philips
Mia Downing

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