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A Lady Never Cheats on the Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop

Gladiator’s Pen is part of the Something New Something Naughty Blog Hop running from January 10th thru, sponsored by Jennifer Wright and Lisabet Sarai. They're giving away great 3 great prizes! One lucky winner will receive the grand prize of a $60 gift certificate to EdenFantasys, and 2 $25 gift certificates for the book site of the readers choice. (Amazon, B&B, All Romance E-book or Total-E-Bound) 

Enjoy the short story below and as an added bonus two lucky commenters will win an e-copy of my novel HALF! So be sure to leave a comment with your email or Twitter below.

A Lady Never Cheats
by Elise VanCise

The rowdy noise of the saloon floor rose up to where Caroline and some of the girls leaned on the balcony rail. Caroline took a long breath as she gazed down at the floor.

Miners had started to fill the room, their pockets filled with gold nuggets and ready to spend their new found fortunes. Caroline was ready to relieve them of it. One man burst with laughter, her husband had laughed that way. May he rest in hell.

With that thought it was time to get to work. She checked her bodice and her gun hidden in her skirt, and then walked down the stairs. A young miner eager for company caught her hand at the landing. “How much for your time? “

She raised a brow was he referring to her as a … she tilted her head with a sassy grin. “Sorry, darlin’, you can’t afford me?”

Caroline paused at the bar to pick up a bottle. After a glance around, she sat near the poker table to watch the players for a few hands. After the fourth hand played one of the men folded, closed his cards and gathered what was left of his wealth.

When he vacated the table with the remainder of his cash to the bar, Caroline smiled as she takes the seat. “Evening boys, mind if I take some of your money?”

A few laughed heartily as she poured herself a drink and tossed her ante into the pot. The pot was well stocked with cash and gold bits. She would be able to move out of his stink hole and into the hotel for a few days on this kit.

The dealer began the ritualistic shuffle and toss of cards before he passed them round. Caroline waited until all five were dealt before she picked them up in her dainty gloved fingers.

The player to her left a well-to-do rancher leaned over with a grin. “Just match the numbers, honey.”

Caroline closed her cards and held them to breast, with an innocent expression. “Thank you, for your advice. I’m such a novice at the game.”

Three hours later….

The dealer called for the final time and Caroline laid a straight flush across the table top. Two of the men swore and sighed as they tossed their cards back to the dealer. The third shook his head. “You must have that beginners luck or somthin, Miss Watson.”

Caroline grinned and reached out to pull the large pot her way. “Thank you, gentlemen. It’s been a true pleasure meeting your acquaintance this evening.”

The rancher scoffed and grabbed her wrist. “You’re not taking my money. This was a con of some sort.” He jerked her sleeve up searching; the pearl buttons snapped off and tumbled into the cash.

Caroline tried to pull her arm back but his grip was too tight. “Sir, I assure you, my game has been honest. Or do you question my skill as to deflect attention from the real cheat?”

“Lady, I don’t know what your scheme is but I know a cheat when I see one.” He squeezed her wrist tighter just to make his point as the other men around the table started to question and protest.

Calmly she reached to his far vest pocket with her free hand. Caroline slipped the ace from her cuff. From the view of the other men around them, it appeared she pulled the card from his pocket. “So do I, sir. I think these gents do as well.”

One player grabbed the rancher, another swung, it didn’t take long before Caroline was forgotten. She plucked the rancher’s hat from the back of the chair and swept everything from the table with her arm into it. She’d sort chips and shot glasses from the take later.

Caroline hurried upstairs for her bag and an exit out the window. It was a new year and time to find another town, she’s been too naughty here. 

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Christine said...

Ohhh naughty naughty! The lady surely needs a spanking! Thanks for sharing your short with us. It was quite entertaining.

Best wishes
Christine S
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Z said...

I love it, but yep, she needs to get out of town.
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kimmyl said...

Loved the post! I can’t wait to read all these new books and meet new authors!!!!!Thanks for the giveaway and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!!!!!

Cassandra said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Mary Ann Bernal said...

Naughty sells. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Li said...

Clever twist. She is no lady, methinks :-)

Shannon Bereza said...

What a fun short story. Definitely time to move on after that stunt. Thanks for the fun blog hop.
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Mary Frances Roya said...

Like the short story. Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thanks for being in the blog hop.

Mer said...

Love the excerpt! I really like Caroline, and would like to see where she ends up next.

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Elise,

Thank you so much for participating in our hop. You're a new author for me - glad to make your acquaintance - and I really liked your story. The illustration is fantastic too.

Stay naughty!

JanD said...

I like clever Caroline.
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Veronica said...

ooo I so want to read this now


Anonymous said...

My mind immediately jumped to, "What happens if he comes after her? Revenge can be...sweet."

BLHmistress said...

She better run fast, she was really naughty :)


kimberly holgate said...

thanks for the hop book sounds good
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Keith Michelle said...

Sounds interesting...gonna love to read it! <3

K. April Holgate said...

Oh what a naughty cheat!
Thanks for hopping!

SheriV said...

Loved the short. THank you

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Catherine Lee said...

Caroline has been naughty!
I love the name of your blog--Gladiator's Pen. Cool.
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VampedChik said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Donna Michaels said...

hehe...she was naughty!
So great to be in this fun hop with you,Elise.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating in our blog hop, Elise! :)


Kelli Scott said...

Nice shorty! Love the vintage pic!

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Enjoyed the story!

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Liked the story. Thanks for the giveaway.

Shadow said...

Great story. Thanks! Best wishes and many blessings!

Emily said...

I liked the short story, thanks for the giveaway!


M. S. Spencer said...

I can't believe after all my fussing at you that I forgot to go back and read your story. Loved it! Especially the misdirection in the beginning (making the reader assume she's know). Very clever. Belated thanks! Meredith