Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Accepting the ROW80 Challenge

First you may be asking what is this thing? ROW80 stands for A Round of Words in 80 Days, it challenges writers to set goals and write. Unlike some other writing challenges that demand you put aside the rest of your life to take on your writing project, ROW80 knows, well that life happens.

With ROW80 the year is broken up into 4 rounds, each lasting 80 days. The participant sets a goal for those 80 days and checks in on their blog  on Wednesday and/or Sunday to post about their progress or make any changes to their original goal. That is the unique aspect of this challenge.

The participant makes the goal, but if life happens as it often does and something needs to be adjusted that’s okay. Check-ins keep participants accountable for those goals without the pressure and stress of having to rearrange life to meet them.

This challenge is exactly what this writer needed right now. I’m having a bit of ‘life’ happening right now and need something to help me get back to focus. Here is my beginning goal list for ROW80 2013 Session 1

*Write every day
*Post at least one article a week and one blog post a week

Goal setting is an important tool for all parts of our lives, but even more so for a writer. It can keep us motivated and positive when the writing gets tough. Even if you don’t sign up for a challenge like ROW80 or NaNoWriMo set a time period and challenge yourself. The rewards of seeing a goal, no matter how big or small, realized is more than worth it.

For more about this challenge check out their site ROW80


Ink Dipped Moon said...

YAY! Welcome to the challenge. I hope you meet your goals.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Hi Elise! I love your goals. They are definitely do-able and while life is doing an intervention of its own, they'll serve as guideposts! Congrats for accepting the challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elise. I've been seeing the ROW80 logo all over the place, but I hadn't discovered what it was. I may mosy on over and sign up!

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I've been ROWing for more than a year and I love how it keeps me on track and offers a forum for us to encourage each other.

Goals are especially important when no one is paying for you writing, and you aren't sure whether anyone ever will. But if I am ever to get to that point, I need to "pay my dues" and do the hard work before I reap the rewards.

Aldrich Mendal said...

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