Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Short term goals are the yellow brick road to success

Last week I set two simple goals to accomplish this Round of Words session. To write every day and write at least one article a week. *does a happy dance * I met those goals and have been feeling a bit more spring in my step because of it.

Goals are important motivational tools for most facets of our lives. We have weight goals, employment goals, life goals, and so on…  All those are long term goals, our Emerald City.

We want to get to the Emerald City, achieve success in our goal and that’s going to take time. Maybe a lot of it. If we solely strive to reach the city we’re going to stumble and maybe even get so discouraged that it’s taking so long to get there we give up.

That is why short term goals are important. The yellow brick road that leads to your Emerald City won’t just appear like it did for Dorothy. We have to build it with short term goals as our bricks.

Short term goals should be simple with a reasonable time limit. That is the real key to success. Short and simple.

Trudging through Oz can be daunting some days. Looking up the Emerald City that long term goal looks so far away and possibly unachievable. With each successful short term goal we’re encouraged and more confident that we can make it to the end of the yellow brick road.

Sure, there’s going to be an occasional flying monkey show up to knock us off the path. That’s okay, don’t let it put a pothole in your road, stuff happens, it’s what makes our lives interesting. We’ll just kick the hell out of that monkey with our ruby slippers by readjusting our short term goal a bit.

Stuff a little hay here, a drop or two of oil there and viola we’re off to see the wizard once again. Even though our long term goal is fixed and unchangeable, short term goals make up for that. We can flex a short term goal as much as we need to so we keep heading down that yellow brick road for success.

Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate each of those successes. Remembering how good making a goal feels will keep us striving to make the next one, and get through those flying monkey attacks.

Now it’s time for to set my ROW80 goals for this week. I’m setting a goal for this session. To finish re-editing Don’t Touch for re-launching. My goals for this next week will be the same as last week, to write every day, write at least one article a week. Plus edit for at least 30 minutes each day.

Let’s see how far those bricks take me. I know there’s going to be some flying monkeys popping in. That’s okay I’ve got my six inch ruby slippers on to kick some monkey ass. Next stop Emerald City.

What are your goals this week? What do you do to combat those monkeys when they pop up in the way of your goal? 


Ink Dipped Moon said...

I love your pep talk it makes me want to kick a flying monkey of my own. My goals are to post 3 times a week and write 1000 words a day on my novel. Good luck with yours.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy! My goals for the week are to work on blog posts for next week, do more edits on book two of my series and to write a few chapters for the YA spin off series.

A.M. Day said...

Great analogy! My goals for the week are to work on blog posts for next week, do more edits for book two of my series and to write a few more chapters for my YA spin off series.