Monday, April 23, 2018

Ten ways to squeeze out those creative juices

1. Eat Breakfast
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. You don’t have to have the full meal if that’s not your thing, but try to eat something protein in the morning. Try a breakfast drink like Carnation Instant Breakfast if you’re not a regular breakfast eater. They have a low amount of calories, high protein and the right kinds of sugars to boost your brain and get those creative juices ready to work.

2. Doodle
Sometimes the mind needs a bit of distraction. If you come across a block in your writing whip out a note pad and start doodling. Try some shapes or just draw a circle or pattern something non conforming works best to clear and relax your mind. A few 3-D boxes later and ideas will start to flow again.

3. Watch a movie
Pick a DVD from your collection that has some similarity to what you’re writing. It can only be one element a similar character, setting, or plot. Pop some corn and kick back. Don’t just veg out, use your writer’s brain to look for elements that might add an extra dimension to your work. If something clicks rewind and watch that element again. It’s amazing the little things we can pick up watching with our writer’s eye.

4. People Watch
Pack up your writing gear and head out to a public place, coffee shop, park, library, the mall. People watching can be very entertaining and educational for writers. What better way to study characters in real life. Try some more unusual places to sit and just watch for a while. A train station, find a corner with a stop light and watch people in their cars. Talk about entertainment!

5. Listen to Music
All music can be inspirational but soundtracks are the best. They’re made to set the tone for a scene. You can find exactly the right tone you need whether it be suspenseful, romantic, action/thriller, or saddened. Playing this while writing can help you stay focused on the scene.

6. Old Photos
Pull out some of the old family albums and take a stroll down memory lane. There are so many stories in pictures of any kind. What could be better inspiration that some of your own family tales and traditions.

7. Visit a Museum
Museums are some of my favorite places. There are stories and characters in every exhibit waiting to be told.

8. Writing Prompts
This is one you know, but it bears mentioning because it is tried and true. There are many online sources to grab a writing prompt. A short blurb to start you off or a photo prompt. Some great places to find good prompts are,, and

9. Writing Buddy
You don’t have to write with a partner to have a writing buddy. A writing buddy can be any fellow writer or willing victim friend that will toss ideas back and forth with you. Maybe even pick characters in your book and role-play the scene. Not only with the creative juices start flowing but it’s fun too!

10. Have a Uniform
Specify a special shirt or outfit that is your writing uniform such as a special tee shirt, your favorite bunny slippers, a special hat. When you put it on your brain automatically kicks into writing mode ready to work.

There you have it 10 ways to move the muse. What do you do to get those creative juices flowing?