Sunday, April 1, 2018

Alternative Words

Geeze louise there's a lot of ways to swear!
Writers have a tendency to get hooked on certain words. You find them speckled too often amongst our work and we need to find a different way of saying it. 

We also look for word substitutes. A word to use instead of said or a different way to describe a smell or action other than the over used versions.  Maybe you don’t want to use a swear word? You could try one of the alternative swear words on the list pictured. If not it will at least give you a chuckle or two by golly.

I have found a love for some old words. One of my all-time favorite resource websites is The Phrontistery. This amazing archive homes a dictionary of obscure words and lost words. It also has lists for almost anything a writer might need. It’s a ton of fun to just sit back with a cuppa and browse.  

An alternative source to find lists of substitutions (see what I did there?) would be Pinterest. You can Goggle of course but Pinterest is more fun and you can save the lists to one board for quick reference. Here’s a ton of them for you to save to your Pinterest.

Now drop those common boring repetitive words and go find an alternative to play with! 

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Anonymous said...
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Juneta Key said...

Great tips. I will check them out. Happy A to Z.