Saturday, June 21, 2014

Outlaw Born 8 Sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

This week I’m going to join other writers who battle through the pages. The rules for Weekend Writing Warriors are simple. Sign up on the week’s linky list then post 8 sentences from your current WIP to your blog the next Sunday.

This week I’m working on Outlaw Born.
Orphaned young and raised by a preacher's family Benjamin Mason became a good man. He wanted to forget and erase his real father's legacy of blood and violence from their name for his own son.

Then tragedy struck. The law wouldn’t give him justice, so he would take it. After all, wasn’t he born to be this kind of man, an outlaw filled with hell and vengeance in his blood? Ben Mason is outlaw born.

8 Sentence Excerpt
The sound of gunfire and men’s shouts began to fill air as they moved closer. Soon the sound of the wounded could be heard, the thump of some of them falling to the hard earth. One of the mounted officers near Ben took a shot in the throat.

Ben dismounted to blend with his men. Officers were always the first picked off if Johnny Reb could manage it. His pistols in hand he ordered the men to take positions in the trenches and fire at will.

Several fell before they could get to the lower ground. They cried out as lead tore into their flesh. Ben felt something hot burn through his coat into his shoulder. Then his shirt being soaked with blood.

He pressed his bandana to it as he continued to call orders down the line. He looked out into the wheat field in which they fought.

He could hear Confederate officers shout orders to their troops as they took more of the field. Ben could see them fully now. They were in a greater number than when he had last met them. He waited for the volley to begin.

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Millie Burns said...

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. Looking forward to another excerpt next week. There's plenty of tension in this snippet.

Teresa Cypher said...

Hi Elise. We're so glad to have you sign up with Weekend Writing Warriors.
Vivid writing and lots of action. I really like the blurb--makes me wonder what happened to make hm change his ways. It must have been horrible.

I'm a moderator here at wewriwa. I noticed that your sentences ran over 8. We state 8 sentences to keep it fair for everyone. We count actual sentences, so anything that brings a string of words to a full stop (period, question mark, exclamation point) counts as one sentence. We don't frown on creative punctuation (commas, semicolons etc) if it's needed to express a full idea in a snippet. :-)

The best way to get seen is to be seen. If you visit others, they'll generally visit back. :-)

We hope to see you again. Have a great week!

Veronica Scott said...

Plunges us right into the action and spares nothing. Vivid,excellent excerpt.

Karen Bynum said...

Nice tension! Welcome to 8Sunday Warriors!!