Monday, June 16, 2014

One Word 60 Seconds: Cornered

This was a fine mess he'd gotten himself into. He could hear the sirens blaring as they came down the street.
The sound of tires squealing as the coppers skidded to a stop right out front of his hiding place.

They must have spotted the getaway car out front. "Damn it!" he swore half under his breath. He should have held onto that dame for a hostage, he might have had a way out of this. He looked down at the bag of money on the floor next to him. Maybe all those greenbacks weren't worth this kind of trouble.

Hushed voices came from the back of the abandoned shop Blue and red lights flashed as silhouettes of men with raised guns passed by the painted over glass of the storefront. There was no place to go… he was cornered and on his way back to the big house. is a website for getting the muse warmed up. Each day you get one word and sixty seconds in which to write what it inspires.This is my entry for today's One Word. What's yours? For more of my past One Word entries, check out my One Word Profile EliseV.
Your turn, 60 seconds. Go!

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