Monday, July 29, 2013

Write Enviroment

E.B. White and his boathouse
Writers discovered a long time ago that where the writing is done is just as important as what is being written. Great scribes such as Mark Twain and Jane Austin have had special places inside of their homes where their muses were most inspired to work.

J.K. Rowling authored the first part of Harry Potter in a coffee shop. Jim Harrison’s muse worked best in hotel rooms. The environment in which writers surround themselves can effect the flow of words from mind to page.

Perhaps your muse needs isolation like Virginia Wolfe who had a writing shed in her garden. George Bernard Shaw also had a writing shed. Only his had a literal twist, the shed was built to rotate allowing him to keep the sunlight in his window, his preferred source of lighting.

What’s in that space can make a difference too. Invasions into that space such as extra clutter, noise above the chosen novel soundtrack or family distractions can throw off the muse. Yet sometimes nothing can be out of sorts just being in the same place, surrounded by the same things can stifle creativity.

While having a write environment is great, getting out of it can be too. There are many wonderful places to write to inspire the story. Pack up and spend a few hours writing in a location from your book.

Your local library has tables and free internet. Plus, resources for research are just a few steps away. Coffee

Writing Room of Rudyard Kipling

houses are always fun, but try writing outside the box of normal ‘writer places to go’

Museums are awesome and love us writers. One of local museums here even has a café with lovely tables to sit at. Though I prefer to sit on one of the benches in front of a painting or historical piece that inspires me. Go to the park there are always benches, picnic tables, or gazebos to write in.

Find some place with a lot of activity like a mall food court. People watching can get a little distracting but it can also inspire some fantastic characters. In short your writing environment does matter.

Find your write place and what it takes to inspire your muse. Even something as small as a scented candle or a framed photo of your main character sitting near by can do the trick.
It can have the perfect lighting, an ergonomic chair and keyboard, desk that’s just the right height. But is it inspiring? Does sitting in that place make your muse happy and anxious to guide your fingers over the keys?

What’s your write environment like?

Hunter S. Thompson writing on the beach


Ink Dipped Moon said...

My favorite place to write is a local coffee house called Austin's Coffee. Most of the time the atmosphere is fantastic, though sometimes the music gets a little on the loud side for me.

suzy henderson said...

Hi Elise, great post. It particularly struck a chord when you suggested visiting a location from your book to write - brilliant thing to do & I long to do just that. Sad thing is, all the locations are too far away. I'd have to take a week off. But it does inspire me to take a holiday . . .