Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moving Forward One Word at a Time

"I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because .a money in a barrel has better grammar than I some days."

There will be weeks that start off gangbusters then fall into shambles mid-week. Roadblocks can pop up at any time to distract or discourage from our goals. That’s okay because roadblocks are temporary.

You’re sitting on the road looking at a guy in an orange vest holding a stop sign, road construction going on behind him. You turn the radio up a little louder and watch for the dude with the sign to spin it around from stop to slow for your turn.

Notice that every so often as cars go through you get to move your car forward. Okay, it’s only an inch or two, but you are moving forward until the road is clear for full speed ahead.

Take that approach when writing. Don’t just let LIFE roadblock your muse. Inch that word count forward a word at a time. Even if you add only 10 words that day to your manuscript that’s 10 words you didn’t have the day before. The story is still moving forward and you’re still meeting your goal.

You might even find a way to squeeze in a few hundred words on those roadblock days blasting through the roadblock. Just try not to run the dude with the sign over. :o) 

Goal update:
1. Making that forward momentum on novel. Didn’t reach daily word count every day but there was writing every day so I call that a win.
2. Degree progress is moving forward. At least this class is interesting Historical and Adventure Tourism.
3. Clutter reduction was a plus too. There are 2 bags of clothing and two boxes of books and things to go to Goodwill.

New Goals for Round 3 Week 2:
1. 1000 words a day on novel
2. Finish out this class to the next exam
3. Fill two more boxes of stuff to leave my abode.

Last week LIFE interfered and yet words still got on the page and things got done. That story will be written one word at a time. Now it’s your turn. Did you reach goals this week? Do you have a tip that keeps you moving forward through the roadblocks?

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Anonymous said...

The Fist! The Iron Fist! no other solution good enough to cure "the interference" disease. That interference bugger is a tough one and you go as hard as you can into the solar plexus....then sit and do it: "one word at a time"