Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gift or Curse

What must it be like?
Do the days and years trickle by like drops of rain or speed by like a raging river?
Do the little nuances of life become ordinary?
Does the song of the first birds of spring still warm your heart?
As the world around you changes, are the things you see new or simply ideas reborn?
Do you see yourself as a witness to the past a keeper of history or a lost relic roaming the world?
Do you treasure those memories or wish that you could forget?
All the women you have seen those you’ve touched and left your mark. Does love still find your heart?
Can you feel the pain of loss or is it dulled by so much of it?
If you had a choice would you live these lives or give it all up and live the one mortal life you started with?
Tell me what it is like to live on seeing the same reflection as the rest of the world ages.
I can only wonder what it must be like to live 1,000 years. Is immortality a gift or curse?

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