Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark Attraction

You pull up to the pump at the gas station, across from you is a guy (or gal for the gents) filling up his Harley. His heavy boots echo on the concrete as he shifts his feet, there’s a darkness to him, a look in his eyes that tells you he’s probably seen the back seat of a few squad cars.

Yet you almost overfill your car as a fantasy plays out in your head. Your mind is saying, “he’s bad news, babe.” The rest of you is saying, “ohhh yes, he is.”

Bad boys (girls), we have this wild attraction to them that seems to border almost on obsession at times. Why?  What draws us to the thing we know we should turn and run from?

I admit to being a goodie goodie at times. I never skipped class, never got into trouble. The only reason I know what the inside of a cop car looks like because my dad worked for Miami-Dade as a mechanic supervisor.

But if the hottie on the Harley had said, “You want a ride?” My answer would have been, “Hell yes.”

Something about being “bad” is sexy. I believe it’s the idea that these men and women live outside the box. There are rules and guidelines we strive to follow in every aspect of our lives. They show their disapproval of mainstream ways with defiance.

Bad boys and girls don’t care what other people think about them. They do what they want and how they want to do it. It’s a kind of freedom from pressures and restrictions we feel in everyday life. We see them standing there giving off a vibe of indifference to expectations and see it as a kind of strength. Strength and self-confidence, is sexy.

Especially if it’s clad in tight black jeans and a leather jacket. Maybe next time I see Mr. Harley I’ll ask him for a ride around the block.

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