Monday, September 26, 2011

A Magical Book Signing at Raintree

Yup that's me... sorry if I cracked your screen : D

This past Saturday, I did a book signing event at Raintree Books. It's a wonderful new/used book store in Eustis, Florida. Being able to sign here was a very special moment for me. Raintree was the first book store I remember going to.

At about  7 or 8 yrs old. I can remember finding out that magic was real. My mom and I walked into the small storefront and looked at all the books in the little nook right where my table sat on Saturday.

Right in the heart of Historic Down Town Eustis, Florida 

There's a long counter that curves around a corner on the other side of the small storefront. You follow that counter around the corner and the magic happens. The small store becomes this huge one.

With rows and rows of books to explore. They have something for every subject you can imagine. The first time I saw it I was sure there was a wizard in there somewhere.

From the outside the shop looks average size, not big at all. Until you walk around that magical corner into pages of wonder.

Raintree's small storefront where the magic begins.....

Not only did I get a day of signing books. the chance to meet readers, and see my books on a store shelf for sale. I was given a chance to relive that special magic again.

And see a few other first time visitors experience it too. It was a magical afternoon at Raintree Books. I can't wait to go back.

Poof you have a book store 3x as big as the front part.
There has to be a wizard in this place somewhere. Maybe some
fairy dust involved? 

Something that makes every writer's heart skip Their books
on a store shelf. Truly awesome sight. :) 


Rachel Firasek said...

Elise, how very cool. I love the images of the bookstore and can only imagine the magic you experienced. Great post. Thanks for being a part of the MEET ME MONDAY post. I hope your friend and followers will check out the rest of the great authors on the list.

Mina Khan said...

Hi Elise,

I love bookstores and libraries. Anywhere with lovely stacks and stacks of books to browse through. So thank you for the pictures. I'm a sister blog hopper with you for Meet Me Monday *waving*

Anonymous said...

You're living the dream of so many right now, including me! What a truly awesome experience! Whenever (someday in the future) my first book is published, there are two places I want to see it - the local bookstores that I frequent, and the local library.
The day I see that someone has requested my book from the library will be the day I feel like a real, published author.
(I'm a fellow NaNo ML, btw - Taethowen from Tulsa, OK)