Monday, September 19, 2011

Libraries Go EBook With Overdrive

Libraries across the nation have found a way to make EBooks accessible for check out by patrons though Overdrive. That's right you can borrow an ebook for 14 to 21 days on a checkout to your favorite EReader or right to your computer.

Each library has it's own ELibrary site. Lake County, Florida has theirs at  . It is set up like an online store. You choose the book you want to borrow, add it to your chart, then check out. Within seconds you're reading your selection on your favorite device. 

There are only 2 copies available for each title so it is first come first serve, but you can place a title on hold. Instead of add to e cart you click place on hold just as you would searching the print book catalog. As soon as the title is available for you to borrow your Overdrive library will send you an email. Click the link in your email and check out your next favorite read. 

Overdrive library sites are easy to navigate for browsing or a specific search for a title, author, or series. Will these ELibraries take the place of your local library with that libraian who shushes you? Not a chance. 

Libraries are a place with many adventures in and out of the pages. There are many more services, classes, events, author meets, and much more for all ages that you can't get from a website. Did you know you can check out DVDs and music CDs at your library? Audio books, games for Playstation, Wii, XBox and more are available to be checked out for a week at a time as well. 

Libraries are combining with technology to better serve the patrons of their communities. Especially if you're a writer, your local library is an important tool we should never forget. The Lake Library System has been a tremendous supporter for local authors.Support your library today with a visit either virtual or in person today. 


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Pat Dale said...

This is interesting to contemplate. Perhaps the future of publishing is not as illusive as some of us had thought. Definitely something to consider, when cultivating my local market. Thanks for sharing with us.
Pat Dale