Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Creating the Write Routine

The last of 2014 was insanely busy and, of course, the holidays helped things get even wonkier. Now it’s time to get back into sync by creating a better routine.

A routine doesn’t have to be rigid or really scheduled. It’s really about building or rebuilding habits.
A daily routine can start out as a simple to do list. The list doesn’t have to be completed in any certain order or at specific times. It can be adjusted for those moments when something spontaneous pops up. (Just like our Row 80 goals)

Start with a list of five daily tasks. Everyone can accomplish a list of five things in a single day. Yeah, there are *those* days we’re lucky to get one, but that’s okay too. Back to our five things…..

Make your list of five tasks as they pop into your head. Now look at your list and highlight two that are most important. Those are your priorities. No matter what else gets thrown at you each day you are going to get at least one of those priority tasks accomplished.

After about two weeks, you’ll find yourself working your tasks in around whatever pops up in LIFE. Goals will be easier to meet and all will be back in sync.

There will still be times when everything gets whacked out of sync. As long as you can get back on the horse and restart you’ll be able to stick to a comfortable and easy to follow Write Routine.

Quarter One Goals
Establish a Write Routine
Write a minimum of 500 words a day
Write one article a week
Read a book a week

This week’s goals
Write daily
Write one article
Finish the book I’m reading

How about you? How do you establish or maintain a routine with writing and life?

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Ink Dipped Moon said...

It is always so HARD to recover from the holidays. It is so much fun to calibrate, but it is also nice to get back to a routine. Thanks for the good advice and reminder to try again the next day even if you don't make it through your list one day. I really needed to read that today. Good luck and keep working toward your goals.

Denise D. Young said...

I agree that establishing a writing routine is all about creating good habits. I aim to write 1,000 words per day. Even if writing is going slowly and I don't reach that goal, I've still put words on the page. I have a fairly structured routine that includes blogging, social media, and reading writing books in addition to my daily writing practice. But I also see my routine as a work in progress. I'm constantly trying to find ways to tweak it to make it more efficient or to write just a little bit more each day.

Good luck with your goals!

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I take a different approach. Writing is my passion; I come to it nearly every opportunity I have. My life moves with a flow that can change quickly.

I have a day planner, and a LOT of goals, because I love options. For each day, I list some things to work on, with the priorities up top. Then I cycle through them.

I often have more than I can get to, so I move them to the next day, and the top of the list. It's working well with my lifestyle and personality, and that's a key, I thnk - to work with who you are and how your life is.