Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sneak a peek at an outlaw

Sneak Peek Sunday, created by fellow author Sara Walter Ellwood, authors post six paragraphs from either a WIP or a published work.  I’ve chosen six paragraphs of my work in progress, Outlaw Born. I’d love to know what you think of this short excerpt.

The war forced Ben Mason into long separations from family and set him on the battlefield against brothers. His luck left him more often than it came to him. He fought through it all to rid himself of the tarnished name given to him by his father and return home safe to his family. 
What he finds forces him to realize his battle has only just begun. When the law fails to offer justice, Ben embraces the legacy he had fought so hard to escape. Blood is the only path when you're Outlaw Born.

*Scene setup* Ben Mason is recovering in the hospital tent after being wounded in battle. A fellow soldier tries to strike up a conversation with him. 

The older man clutched his arm to his chest careful of it as he sat. Something about the old man put Ben on edge.

The man grinned and offered his only hand. “Jorge Wilson, Boston.”

Ben shook the hand, “Ben Mason, New Mexico.”

Jorge looked at him for a moment as if he seemed familiar. “New Mexico… I knew you had a familiarity. Benjamin Alexander Mason, Johnny’s boy?”

Ben’s expression went blank almost cold. “No. No John’s on the tree.”

Jorge chuckled. “No sense denyin’. You got your ma’s eyes. I remember you hidin behind her skirts in the saloon.”

Ben glared at him and forced his weak body upright. He reached out and gripped the man’s wounded stump. “You remember nothing old man. The laudanum has you seein things not there. No, John Mason in my tree.”

The old man’s eyes widened with the sharp pain as he gave a brief nod. Ben let go and leaned back, his breath came in pants with the effort. He didn’t want to hurt the old man but the past needed to stay as dead as his father.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Outlaw Born. If you want to take a peek at even more novels then click on the Sneak Peek button above and it will take you right to the linky list. Happy peeking :)

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