Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outlaws, Secrets and Goals Oh my!

Since it’s been a bit since my last update I won’t go over the hits and misses of each week and just tell you what has been going on.

One goal for this quarter was to finish the novel Outlaw Born. Progress so far is good. There was a pause as life frustrations and plot issues arose. There was a bit of backtracking and changing. Ended up painfully deleting a chapter but Ben is back to robbing trains and making life hell for Hammond Rail. Don’t you love a man in a black hat, fast hands, with a six gun strapped at his hip?  

Now goal is getting him finished and pubbed by October. Yeah, I know it’s only two months away and that’s wishing for a lot there but hey I might find a genie in a lamp!

On other goals, school is kicking along. I’m doing well and maintaining my 4.0 (holy cow is that really me? The C girl in high school?) The de-clutterization is going well too. There have been a few boxes filled with things ready to be adopted to new homes. Want some junk?

Now for the secret…  The Author’s Secret. They are a company owned and operated by the fantastic Kayelle Allen. The Author’s Secret provides services to authors such as ebook formatting
a pre-made cover available
and conversion, book covers for both ebook and print, banners, avatars, social media graphics, book trailers, blog headers, Facebook covers and so much more.

I am so blessed to be apart of this awesome growing company as a graphic designer. Soon they will be opening a shop of pre-made book covers of all genres just waiting for your book title to be added. For everything from Cookbooks to Romance to Mystery, to Horror to Westerns and even Steampunk. The Author’s Secret can be your lil secret to a successful book.

Do you have a secret that keeps you on the goal track? Or an author tip to share? 


Ink Dipped Moon said...

You can do it! I am sure you will be able to make your publishing goal.

Karen Moore said...

Good luck with 'Outlaw Born'! My author tip is to schedule writing time each day, but also take some time out to go for a walk. This freshens up the mind and often inspires new ideas!