Monday, August 12, 2013

Characters have favorite foods too!


Food and books or writing seem to just seem to go together. Not just cook books, noveling in general. During NaNoWriMo many writers I know use food as rewards for making goals during the month. A handful of candy kisses for reaching a daily word count or a meal at a favorite restaurant for making a major goal.

I’m terrible about doing this myself. *blush… I have a special jar on my desk that I keep filled with some kind of confection. Right now it’s home to dark chocolate crack thin mints. It’s so difficult to only munch the recommended serving of four tiny crack filled minty discs.

I’ve noticed that some of my stories tend to have a food theme mixed in. Not purposely, it’s just something that kind of happens in the telling. For example in Don’t Touch you’ll notice they seem to have pizza delivery on speed dial. I did eat a good deal of pizza during the NaNoWriMo in which that story was written.

Actually, that might have influenced their taste just a bit maybe. However, those cheese and pepperoni gatherings became an important part of the story. Not the pizza but what went on around it. That time out in the hunt for a serial killer gave the characters a chance to bond.

They talked about things involving the case a bit, but they also touched on topics that are more personal as well. Having a meal together created an atmosphere that let the characters drop their guard for a moment so they could become closer to each other. That goes for us as readers too. We could relate and get a little drawn in seeing their vulnerabilities.

Food can be fun to play with. A favorite food or treat can make a great trademark or personality quirk.Take the 4 th Doctor. (Doctor Who as if you didn’t know. If you didn’t go get some dvds stat!)  In a moment of what everyone else believed a crisis and tension is thick in the air, he would pull a bag from his pocket and offer someone some Jelly Babies.

The situation was still possibly grave and tense. But the audience was given a chance to let go of the breath they were holding before the story began to rise into the next plot element.

When someone is sick or there is a death the family is often swamped with casseroles and baked goods of all sorts for comfort. Cooking and giving food is a way we show how much we care for someone. The same goes with characters in a story. Many family sagas have a bonding or important moment occur during a family dinner.

A characters favorite food can play an important part in the telling of their story. Whether it be as their personality or providing a setting of comfort or intimacy. Think of your character’s next meal as a secondary character to your story and see where it leads. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a special something too! :o)

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Ink Dipped Moon said...

I never thought about how much I use food to get the characters together. Good post.