Monday, March 11, 2013

Embarking on Adventure

This update is filled with news! Last week was full of new adventures and there are more on the horizon just waiting for me to get there. Now where to start….

Don’t Touch Re-launch
Don’t Touch has an official re-release date… March 25th. So mark your calendar and be on the look out for more coming about the characters and locations in this exciting psychic thriller.

Due to a lovely migraine I didn’t get as much editing as I would have liked done but we’re on the tail end yay! So, my goal to start formatting didn’t get met but that’s okay, there’s time yet to panic get it done.

Authors in the Park March 30th!
I have my box and filling it with what I need for this awesome event. I have books to sell and some goodies to give away. If your in Florida mark your calendar to come and see me in Mt. Dora you can get more info on Authors in the Park on my website HERE.

AIP was also responsible for some of my adventure last week. I took part in a live Authors in the Park Panel on The G-Zone on Blog Talk Radio. My first radio appearance! I felt like a stumblin' bumblin' fool, but it was great fun. You can listen to the show below.

Write one article
Check! Another adventure undertaken was a visit to the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida. I love art and could spend hours looking at the beautiful creations and bits of history. Instead of telling you about it go here and check out my article WorldPremiere of De Soto’s Florida Expedition Artifacts. If you like travel and reading about unique places please subscribe!

Awesome new adventure
This adventure will be continuing on for a long time to come I hope. I was invited by the fab Karen Cote and Coffee Time Romance mistress Karenne McConkie to become a member of the Coffee Time Crew!

I’ve been blessed to find and become part of some awesome groups and organizations. Coffee Time Romance is a fantastic place for both authors and readers. There are so many ways to get great book news plus contests (I’ll be working on a super fun contest with Lady Karen so keep an eye out for that news!)  and giveaways, free classes and books! Who doesn’t love coffee and books! So go to Coffee Time Romance and check out all the awesomeness.

Goals for this week
1. Finish editing Don’t Touch and start e formatting before I gain 10lbs on all this chocolate.
2. Write one article
3. Get more prep done for Authors in the Park. Holy cow, March 30th keeps getting closer!
4. Get more dark chocolate for desk drawer. I see a chocolate intervention in my future…
5. Find more adventure last week was crazy but fun!

How about you? Did you have accomplish your goals or have any new adventures?

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