Monday, April 23, 2012

Like me!

Part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge 2012 for the letter L

Everyone thinks of themselves as likeable chicks and chaps. Facebook as given us a way to express our likes with that cute little thumbs up button. We get posts and emails from friends and colleges asking us to ‘like’ their pages. Does a writer really need a fan page if they already have a personal profile?

I believe fan pages are one of the most essential tools in a marketing toolbox. Especially for writers, they give opportunity to reach more readers than are attached to your friends list. These pages are publicly listed and search friendly than a personal profile where hopefully you’ve locked down every privacy setting known to man. 

Why not just have someone ‘friend’ your regular profile? While someone may enjoy your blog, books, etc. they may not want to be your ‘friend.’  While we want to get personal with our readers there is a line of T.M.I.

For example: At a book signing an author will share information about books, events, and might share that a son or daughter graduated from high school, engagement, or an inspiring personal story. 

The same author entertaining a guest in the home would share more intimate details about themselves. Such as, “Oh Aunt Bertha called. She had that pesky corn removed today.” Or photos of Frisky the cat sleeping in the pillowcase again.

Having a ‘fan page’ or ‘business profile’ lets an author separate that information they don’t want the general public to know. Moreover, allows Freddy and Freda Fan to get the scoop on information relative to their interest.

A writer can get instant review from an excited fan who posts how much they liked a book on the page. Fan interaction is a huge benefit, Freddy will tell Freda, she will tell her friends to like the page and so forth. Spreading an author’s writing virtually world wide. Like having a virtual book signing 24 hours a day.

So yes, make a fan page for your books, blog, cat, or even Aunt Bertha’s corn. If you already have a page how has it been helpful to you?

Oh and by the way…. Please LIKE ME! 

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Li said...

Good topic. I don't really care for FB. A fellow writer actually set up a fan page for me. I felt a little weird at first, but one must self-promote. I am glad that i can keep it entirely separate from my personal page, as I don't really like to mix "business" with family and social pursuits :-) (And I LIKED you.)