Friday, April 13, 2012

Hammond Rail Company

Part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge 2012 for the letter H
This is a continuing story, if you would like to read the from the beginning, the letter A : Aces and Eights  But... each letter/story stands alone as well. Enjoy:)

 Special Thanks to my Sis, Rose Wade of Outlaw's pRose for being an honest editor and thwapping me when I slip into old habits :D 

Hammond Rail Company
The last freight car rolled passed them. Ben held the men back for another moment, he let go of a deep breath and gave the signal.

The four of them burst out of their hiding place and rode hard along side the train. Ben counted cars as they moved further up to their target. His perfectly aimed shots shattered the latch

As he motioned to Charlie to join him the door slid open. A Pinkerton officer raised his shotgun and aimed directly at Ben.

With a curse, Ben dropped back as he lowered his body closer to the horse. Buckshot sprayed out from the shot, some catching in his shoulder and thigh.

The Pink stepped back into the car to reload the rifle.

Ben took the opportune moment and spurred his mount. When he reached the door, Ben jumped from the saddle into the car.

Ben grabbed the barrel of the rifle and jerked it from the man’s hands. The Pink snarled and swung a fist at him. Ben took the blow to the chin and tossed the shotgun out the open door.

The Pinkerton connected another punch to Ben’s face. Ben shook off the blow and returned a few of his own.

The men fought until the Pink grabbed Ben’s gun. They struggled over the pistol until Ben was able to get it turned into the other man’s chest and pulled the trigger.

The two shots echoed in the semi-enclosed space. Ben’s ears rang as the Pinkerton stumbled back to collapse on the floor. A second Pink started to charge from his hiding place in the back corner of the car. Ben raised his weapon and fired, with out hesitation.

As the man clutched at his throat, Ben opened the revolver cartridge and reloaded. His senses took in the environment as his fingers slid lead home.

It was quiet except for the clack as they moved over the tracks. Ben began to search and spotted their target sat now unguarded in the back of the car. Ben’s lip curled in a grin as he walked to the heavy lockbox.

Dawson rode up to the freight car’s door. “Boss?”

Ben called back as he stomped the lock with the heel of his boot until it snapped. “Stay there.”

He knelt and swung open the lid to find his reward. Sixty thousand dollars headed for the Hammond Rail Company office in Chicago. Now it was his.

It wasn’t enough to pay the debt Hammond owed him. This was the third train they had taken, all Hammond Rail. Soon Arnold Hammond will begin to feel the pain of his shrinking wallet. It isn’t close to the pain Ben felt as he knelt by the graves of his wife and son. His family murdered so the rail company could take their land for a few miles of track. 

With a growl, he tossed the last of the money into a sack. Ben stood as he tied the sack and walked back to the doors. He traded Dawson the money for a stick of dynamite.

With a final glance around Ben lit the fuse. As he tossed the stick aside, he jumped to his horse and fell back with the others to wait.

When the car exploded, Dawson and the other men whooped and congratulated each other. Ben sat quiet as he took satisfaction in the sight. It didn’t ease his anger and grief, Ben wasn’t sure there was ever going to be peace for him again. There would be none for Hammond or the Pinkertons that took so much from him.

Hammond Rail Company just met hell in the form Ben Mason. 


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