Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tough to Be a Kreative Stylish Blogger on Fire

 I have been absent from posting for a time now, due to illness, stress and gremlins. And mustn't forget the ogre attack. That was quite the dramatic event, thank goodness my gladiator Muse and I were able to beat them back. Then there was the hydra! Five heads is a lot of bad breath.....

Well instead of any more excuses as to why I haven't been posting let's just kick off a new posting goal with some fun. During my hiatus I was given three great awards by three fantastic people and bloggers.

The Kreative Blogger Award. Was bestowed by Rose Wade of Outlaw's pRose. Thank you my Sis-in Heart and Bestest friend :)

The Stylish Blog Award by Don Smith of Geezer Sayz Thanks so much Don for your kindness :) Geezer Sayz always gives me a smile.

The Blog on Fire Award by Kathleen Doyle of Writing, Reading, And Life  Thank you Kathleen! Love reading about your journey with your first book :)
 I'm going to cover them all in one post since all three awards have the same rules. Those rules are to post 7 things about yourself, then chose 7 blogs to pass the honors to.

I love these blog awards because it gives us a chance to break the mold if you have a subject themed blog. Mine is mostly writing, though I do step out of the box once in a while :)  But we can share apart of ourselves with our readers and fellow bloggers. Okay, okay before the ogres come back for round two .....

7 Kreative Stylish and Firey things about me

1. Some of you know this but I found my long lost Sister-in-Heart on the Russel Crowe Fan Fic Board. Yes, I play in fan fic land :) Hey wait you got 2 on that one ... ooo you're sneaky. Rose and I started writing together on RCFF then chatting and we haven't missed a day since November of 2007. Love ya Sis!  (she's the keeper of my sanity some days just so you know how important she is :)

2. One of my favorite places in the wold is St. Augustine, Florida. It's the oldest city in the United States and one of the most haunted. Walking down the streets you can feel the history of the place. You might even get lucky and have a ghostly experience or two :)

3. I am a green belt in Tae Kwan Do.

4. For being Kreative, not only to I write, but I love to play with graphic arts. I do book covers, banners, buttons, avatars, web backgrounds....  you can check that out at EV Designs

5. One of my favorite stories is The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe. Poe may have hit the bottle of Absinthe a bit too often but he really knew how to chill a reader.

6. My Style is pretty casual. I'm happiest in jeans and my favorite NaNoWriMo tee. I do love to dress up though. I like deep rich colors in my clothes and everything else. I'm def. not a pink girl :P

7.  And as for being Kreative and Stylish while on Fire, I was a volunteer fire fighter for over 10 years. After the Wildfires in 2000, the volunteers of my station were given The Distinguished Service Award by Governor Jeb Bush.

Alrighty then... *looks around for Jim Carrey, then shakes head.... Now it's time to nominate 7 other worthy bloggers.  To my Nominees pick the award you think best suits your blog and style and go for it!  

1.  Rose Wade and Outlaw's pRose 
3. Tessa of Tessa's Blurb  
4. Amanda of Simply's Blog  
5. Michelle of Crafts From the Moon  
6. Lisa McCourt Hollar of Jezri's Nightmares 
7. MJ Goodnow of Red Sector N 

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into blogging awards. Next post coming up will be back to our usual fun :) Coming up soon, I promise! 

Until then ... Happy Scribbles :) 

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