Friday, May 6, 2011

Deleted Book Love

Some of the books we adopted 

Yesterday was library day for my house. We love our library it’s not the biggest or has the most but we love it. Everyone is always friendly and they go out of their way to help you if you need it.

Yesterday’s trip was extra special. Not only did we find some great books to check out but the Library manager was in the process of deleting some books from the collection. 

While deleting books from the library collection doesn’t really sound like a good thing trust me it can be. First what causes a book to lose its place on the library shelf and into the deletion pile?  There may be a newer version out of a reference book , it’s rarely been checked out, the book is older and it’s time to move it out to make room for new books coming in.

Now why is this deleting thing good for us? Actually it’s good for both patron and library. Most libraries have a space or room for a ‘book store’. This is where all those deleted books go for adoption into someone’s personal collection.  

Most of these books are in new condition with little wear. They cost anywhere from twenty-five cents to one dollar each. A new book for a quarter can’t beat that! It’s more than just reference books in there too. Novels of all kinds, maybe even some DVD’s or music CD’s. You get to adopt great books and more for your own collection and help the library raise funds. 

This trip finding Miss Pam deleting was a big treat. She knows my son loves art and to draw, so, she set aside some books she thought he might like. This is something she does for us and other patrons that frequent the library.  See why they’re the best? J

We ended up with two tote bags full of books to adopt.  So what are you waiting for grab some extra bags and show your library some love by adopting some deleted books. 

Part of the Library Thursday Hop.. yeah okay I'm day late :) 



festival8 said...

This is something I'll definitely check out about my little library here in Bullitt County. Thanks for a great post Elise! Amy

PamelaTurner said...

I have that Salvador Dali book. The coffee shop at our library has a shelf of books you can pick up. And the UofL library had a "take a paperback" "leave a paperback" rack but I don't know if they still do.

Simply said...

I use to buy books all the time from my library. I could get some of those paperbacks 5/$1! then they built a new library and stopped :( I need to find a new library :P

Shelley Munro said...

Our library here in New Zealand does the same thing, but the books are often well-loved before they reach this stage. It sounds as if you found lots of treasure.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

This weekend was the huge book sale in our town (they do it every year to raise money for legal services). I always look forward to grabbing some great books for a few dollars.

That and used book stores...awesome!

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