Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Autumn Signs

Quiet was the day, the only sounds being the rustling of trees in the wind, the soft crunch of leaves underfoot. Autumn the season of change had begun.
These woods have changed since his first walk though them so long ago. Saplings now become tall trees, their leaves turning golden as they fall to the earth.  The sun peeked though the wood setting the trees a glow.
The hollow of a pine filled with acorns, a woodland creature’s winter store. Soon the mild temperatures would turn into bitter cold winter. Snow replacing yellow and orange leaves on the branches.
The sound of a heavy branch falling caught his attention. His heart sped as he stepped off the trail to inspect. Such paranoid caution had kept him alive for so long.
Creaking of wood in the stiff breeze led him to the source. A large oak, trunk blacked and split from a summer storm. Lightning had carved a dark line down the thick trunk to the roots.
As his fingers traced the scared bark it felt like a sign, a sign of dark days ahead. With a sigh he turned back to the trail perhaps he can pretend the earlier peace of his walk was never disturbed. Change was coming but not yet, he would enjoy the quiet autumn day.

**Part of the Fellow Writer's Blog Hop May theme Flash Me! 



alberta ross said...

very nice - enough foreboding to leave me wanting to know more - I found the image of a pine filled with acorns very strange went back to read to be sure I had it right - mind still playing with the thought! a strangeness to match the story. Thanks for the read

Misha said...

I love the description in this passage. Well done!


Patti Larsen said...

Lovely! And of course makes me wonder... ;) Nice piece!

Eden Baylee said...

Beautiful and lyrical in its simplicity. Loved the imagery.

Ruchiraa said...

Lovely descriptions.

Aubra said...

Aw, this is why I can't read flash fiction. I'll be wondering about the rest of the story for the rest of the day. ;-)

festival8 said...

Nice way to set the scene!

Rose Wade said...

Excellent piece, Minxy. : )