Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#5MinuteFiction Blog Tour Week 3 My Entry

The #5MintueFiction Challenge was created by author Leah Petersen. A word prompt is provided and you have 5 minutes to write your fingers off. I took the challenge today while #5MinuteFiction is on blog tour, with week 3's host R.B. Wood. This week's prompt was Pub and below is my entry. Enjoy and hope to join you at the next #5MinuteFiction Challenge.


Siting in the dark corner he watched the room. The pub wasn't busy on a Tuesday evening. Where was she, the woman had called his office in a panic. She had to meet with him, something about information on his case.

The doors opened and he looked over anxious. The leads he'd had so far were bumpkiss. Maybe this crazy sounding dame would have something new.

A tall brunenette slid in next to him on the bench seat. Her eyes wide  with nervous fear. They darted around the room as she pulled out a worn envelope. “This didn’t come from me. You never met me. “

Just like that she was gone. As the pub doors slammed shut I opened the envelope and gazed at the new evidence. Yeah, this was just the lead I was lookin’ for. These photos were the ticket to a hefty raise maybe a promotion.

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