Monday, November 13, 2017

It Happened in Mt. Dora....

I am way behind on blogging and am working on blending my librarian life and my writing life a little better. August 12th, 2017 was one of those days where it all worked. (Yeah, I know that was months ago. Told ya I was way behind J)

WT Bland Library of Mt. Dora, FL held their annual Writer’s Expo. This year they talked about some fantastic programs that were coming to Mt. Dora and Leesburg Public Libraries. (Hopefully the rest of the Lake County Library System soon!)

The conference talked about the Self-e, PressBook, and BiblioBoard options for publishing. If you hold a library card for either of these libraries you can use these products to help you self-publish your novel. Libraries aren’t just for checking out books these days they’re for creating them too!

The Friends of the Mt. Dora Library offered refreshments for the event as well, but that wasn’t all. Writers One Flight Up writing group of Mt. Dora sponsored a nanofiction contest with two categories. Romance and It Happened in Mt Dora.

I am proud to say I placed first with my entry in the It Happened in Mt. Dora category. My fellow Lake Writers member and author Sally Max took first place in the Romance category. I was totally taken by surprise and more than thrilled of course.

Below is my winning nanofiction entry. It Happened in Mt. Dora…
“Bartender, refill.” This was a hell of a case. The kind that made an investigator chase his tail before he could get a decent lead. How’d he get mixed up in this chaos?
He gave a snort and knocked back the fresh glass of bourbon. A doe-eyed skirt who sauntered into his Donnelly Street office with a sad story and tear in her eye, that’s what. There was probably an onion in that silk hanky.
He motioned to the bartender for another. “Just leave the bottle. Old Jim here and I need a long conversation about a dame.”

I’m looking forward to the next contest. Which happens to be taking entries right now through Jan. 20, 2018. The theme is Please be mine…. and is sponsored by Writers One Flight Up and WT Bland Library. For details on the contest click HERE.

Now back to noveling, after all it is NaNo November.

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