Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jackaby a supernatural Sherlock Holmes

What do you get when you cross the supernatural with a Victorian private investigator? Jackaby written by William Ritter.

Jackaby is a YA supernatural mystery that will keep you turning the pages, filled with fun and wonders. In the beginning, you’ll meet the lovely Abigail Rook, newly arrived in the seaside town of New Fiddleham. The young woman is determined to make her way and find adventure in this new country.

As she sips the pint offered by the kindly barkeep and thinks about the journey she’s had up to this point a strange fellow enters the tavern. Here’s where we meet R.F. Jackaby for the first time and are absolutely hooked into the book.

Jackaby is a cross between whimsy and serious. From the moment he began deducting Miss Rook being a new arrival, where she had disembarked and described the two fairies that had taken up residence in her hat and coat you knew you were on your way to adventure.

I couldn’t help envision Johnny Depp as Jackaby, he would be perfect to play this quirky detective with his overfull pockets and insight into the parts of the world not all of us can see.

Abigail becomes Jacaby’s assistant as the series of murders begin. The pair must discover the supernatural killer before he strikes again. As Abigail is introduced to the Otherside by Jackaby she meets some interesting folk… a ghost, a woman who fishes to feed a bridge troll and a duck named Doug.

The pages will keep turning as you’re drawn in and even laugh out loud at times. The book jacket describes Jackaby as Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes. I would have to agree, it holds the same whimsy and suspense with a dash of Victorian flair. Loved it and would recommend you pick up a copy at your bookstore or library this week! A great supernatural adventure for Halloween week! 

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