Thursday, February 12, 2015

Author Torrence Sassetti talks about Though the Plaugelands

My name is Torrence Sassetti and I am the writer of “Through the Plaguelands.” The Plaguelands are a bit of a unique take on the zombie apocalypse world in that they don’t just have run of the mill zombies; they have threats far more dangerous than the undead could ever pose. Some of these threats are
outright monstrous and beastly, while others are dangerous because of how human like they are.

The Plaguelands are made up of five different territories: the Inner Territory, the Fireland, Frostland, Electric Fields, and Industrial Complex. Each Plagueland has its own feel and theme. The Inner Territory is meant to be the dark and eerie home of the zombies, mutations, and infected animals. While the zombies alone are dangerous, the infected animals are far more frightening. The infected animals I loved the most were definitely the wolves. Before they ruthlessly hunt anyone down, they let out a loud, directionless howl making anyone who hears it extremely tense and fearful that their time has come and that nowhere is safe.

The other four Plaguelands each have a unique danger to them. Instead of becoming zombies or
mutants, some who are infected will become unique leaders called Alphas. Alphas retain their normal form, while gaining godly strength, speed, and intelligence. They also gain a unique supernatural ability which they pass on to those they infect.

Each land has its own theme. The Fireland is a place of fire and ash. It always feels like night in this Plagueland because of the ash and smoke that fills the sky and blocking the sun. Their infected have control over fire and tend to be a little more unpredictable than the other infected. The Frostland is a frozen wasteland. Their infected have control over water and ice. They tend to be methodical and ruthless. The Electric Fields is a mysterious place with thick layers of fog covering the landscape. Their infected use electricity as a weapon and tend to be more rebellious against the will of the Plague or their master. The final land is the Industrial Complex. It’s a place full of factories and office buildings that look completely untouched by the Plague. The infected here use telekinesis and are deeply devoted to their religious beliefs towards the Plague and its maker.

There’s a look at what makes up the Plaguelands. If you want to find out more about it, be sure to buy a
copy as soon as you can.

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