Sunday, September 7, 2014

Those Off Kilter Days

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. I feel like I’ve been off planet part of the time. There has been so much activity going on in my house and life that my poor blog has been suffering from neglect.

My writing has been the same a bit. Usually I write every day, but lately it has been sporadic and short bursts. I feel very off kilter when I don’t write at least a few paragraphs in a day. I feel like I’ve forgotten something very important all day long. 

Though some of the distractions have been super exciting things that could lead to rising up another rung or two on the ladder of success. I was honored to give a workshop at the Fall Conference for Florida Authors and Publishers Association. What a fantastic experience that was!

I was inspired and thrilled to meet wonderful authors and publishers from all over the state. If you aren’t a
How to energize your platform
with technology workshop at FAPA's
Fall Conference
member of FAPA I do encourage it. They are a fantastic group of people who strive to help authors and publishers succeed. It was a hugely positive experience that I hope to have again next year!

My next big distraction was the primary elections. I’m not a very political person and I keep my views to myself. (most of the time *wink*) I do pride myself on being an election poll worker. I am Clerk of Precinct 3500, Marion County, FL. This is my 20th Year as clerk there. I absolutely love working elections.

Yes, it can be stressful and tedious when things go wrong or very few voters show up at the polls. The day is a long one about 16hrs long for a clerk, but, it is also very rewarding to know I’ve been a small part of history being made.

Now, though those distractions are past and it’s time to buckle down and set some goals that will get my muse back on track and stories moving again.

Goals for the week of 9/7 thru 9/13
1) Write at least 1000 words daily
2) Get 2 articles finished for Orlando Destinations
3) Get one part 1 of special project completed.
4) Go someplace that will inspire the muse.
5) Post one more blog for this week at least.

I think that should get the muse moving and back in kilter… I hope! When big distractions loom or events take place that knock everything off kilter, it can be difficult to set it right again. Getting back into a grove can feel very disjointed until that smooth rhythm can be found again.

Now it’s your turn to set some goals and follow where your muse leads you this week. How do you battle those off kilter times that spring up? 


Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

It takes very little to throw me off kilter. But I think this is how I know I was meant to write. No matter what life throws at me, I go a few days without writing, and then I just have to get back to the keyboard. It is like I will suffocate if I don't write something.

Sounds like you are back on track, though. Best of luck in the coming week.

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I've learned, over time, not to see these times as ff-kilter, but as refilling, or tending to the other parts of life.

For me, it's all interconencted - one thing feeds the others. If I have a few days without writing, because life took me in other directions, I know that I'll come back to my words with new insights, new purpose, and new energy.

I try to see my life more as a blend than a balance- a swirl of opportunity, activity, family, friends, and writing - sometimes there's more writing in the swirl, and sometimes other things dominate.

That's life.

I hope that you're feeling more settled by now.