Thursday, June 20, 2013

Final Countdown of Round 2 ROW80

Round 2 of Round of Words in 80 Days 2013 drawing to a close. The next check in will be the first of Round 3- 2013. A chance to launch a new set of goals to conquer in 80 days.  This final countdown is a chance to review and most importantly acknowledge the successes and failures of the last 80 days.

Round 2 Goals
1. Finish the Blogging from A to Z challenge
Success! This was my third year participating in the challenge and the first time making it through all 26 letters.

2. Make my 25k word count set for Camp NaNo
Nailed it! Camp NaNo 2013 unveiled some great new features this year. One of the best being the ability to set your word count for the month. My goal of 25k wasn’t to finish a manuscript so much as to give it a good kick start, and, it did just that.

3. Complete the above mentioned novel rough draft by the end of Round 2.
Fail. The novel has made progress beyond Nano but LIFE decided to break loose right about the beginning of May and hasn’t stopped. The novel didn’t get finished but the story is still moving when I can get my muse and LIFE to cooperate with me. I’m not worried though, I’ve talked to the characters about it and we’re going to gang up on Muse and LIFE and show’em who’s boss next round.

4. Complete 2 classes in school
Done deal! I’ve been taking classes for a degree in hospitality management. I’m two classes closer to the end and hopefully a job with a nice enough paycheck to support the creative in me. Not to mention supporting my addiction for notebooks, notepads and cool pens/pencils. :o)

5. Clean out my bedroom closet.
Fail. The pit of mementos and stuff that hasn’t been seen or used in years.  The closet is still stuffed full of … stuff. *sighs … So much stuff. How does so much stuff get in there? Surely it’s not all my stuff. If there’s a monster living in there he’s probably stuck under something piled in the tiny room of omg I forgot I had that closet.

The past 80 days have been filled with many ups and downs, fantastic feats, showers of blessings, and omg why me moments. Most important I’ve learned new things and have a renewed sense of personal success with every goal met or failed. So in a few days Round 3 will launch on a positive note with new goals and challenges.

I’m ready are you? 


Anna K. Stewart said...

Regarding closets...closets are meant to hold "stuff." I say...let the stuff stay and work on your novel instead! Much more fun! Sounds like you really did well, life notwithstanding. Am impressed by your Nano success...I scrapped out of CampNano in a major fail early on in the round. Congrats on all your successes! :-)

Eden "Kymele" Mabee said...

I'm sitting here in the family office (a spare bedroom converted into office when my husband started working from home... even though he never uses it, preferring to work near the TV). There is a closet just six feet from me, filled with random stuff that got placed there when we got married and combined our individual lives....

We've been married 12 years coming Saturday. Almost nothing has left that closet, just more stuff added.

I totally get your feelings about your closet. And I think you have a great attitude about "not getting to it". :-D

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

Elise, congratulations on nailing so many of your goals! I hear you loud and clear about the closet--one of my main goals this Round was to reduce clutter.

Like Eden, I like your attitude about it. If it does bug you, a trick I used was to spend 15 minutes working on clutter, then rewarding myself with writing,

I'm looking forward to the next Round as well. Have a great break!