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Weird Weather, Twin Souls and the Natural Balance of Things a guest post by author Vanna Smythe

We welcome guest Vanna Smythe, author of the Anniversary of the Veil series. Enjoy her post today and don't forget to show some comment love. 

 Weird Weather, Twin Souls and the Natural Balance of Things by Vanna Smythe

This year it rained all through spring and early summer where I live.  This is not normal weather for late May and early June.  And when I say raining, I mean pouring. First grey clouds cover the sky, moving fast and angry, right before releasing sheets of cold water. Just as quickly as it starts, it stops again, and the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and for a few minutes, perhaps an hour it is as it should be, summer. Then the wind brings more dark grey clouds, and the cycle starts again.

Such odd, uncharacteristic, ominous weather is precisely the sort of thing Joinings, as described in my debut fantasy novel Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1), can prevent. In the world I created in Protector, the energy released as two who love each other truly come together, can be used for many ends. The two that make such a pair are called a Beacon and an Answer, and it is the Catalyst who releases their energy, then guides it towards the wrong that needs to be righted. 

However, such an arrangement is not natural.  The energy of true love is being used and abused, made to flow at the bidding of people. 

The main question raised in Protector is whether true love is stronger than any of the rules imposed, stronger than over 1000 years of tradition. 

Yet at the heart of the story are the characters. They are the ones who must deal with these issues and whose decisions will ultimately lead to the final answer.

There is Protector Kiyarran, or Kae, whose whole world unravels in the first few days after his biggest dream comes true.  He becomes a Protector of the Realm, an elite soldier, only to find out that the secrets they kept from him are enough to make the world an entirely different place. To top it all off, out of nowhere, he now feels strong love for Princess Issiyanna.

Issiyanna, or Issa, is to wed a man she does not love.  There is another whom she dreams of most every night and he is the one she loves beyond all.  That is because she is a Beacon, and people have been sent to collect her.

Will natural love blossom, or will the world continue as it has for the past 1000 years? Will true love still be used as only a tool, a means to an end? 

Well, I’m not going to tell you that right now.  Those answers will come at the end of the Anniversary of the Veil series, of course.

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