Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reading Makes Better Writers

The most important thing a writer must do is write. The second most important is read. Reading is what inspired us to do what we do. By reading we gain knowledge but we also learn skills.

We can learn by example. Most people do this little trick and don’t even realize it. Writer’s can learn from each other’s style and verbiage as much as we can from taking classes. It’s all there in our favorite books.

As we get lost in a tale our minds are picking out things that we can use and apply to our own skill set. We might recognize it when it happens but most often not. We’re not learning to imitate our favorite authors as we did when we first began putting pen to paper.

We are loading our tool box up with different styles and techniques that will help us as our own style and technique grows. So it is vastly important to read as much as we write.

Find a cozy spot to mark as your reading room. Even if it’s just the end of the couch, make it your reading space with good light and favorite books. Maybe even a note pad just in case there is something you find you want to make note of.

Or an idea blooming from a scene or phrase that you’ve just read. We are a unique profession in which we feed off of each others ideas. No, no we don’t steal ideas or plagiarize. Our imaginations are sparked by the visions words create.

Sure other things bring inspiration but nothing like the right turn of phrase. So find the perfect place to curl up with a good book. Even if you don’t have a special room for reading, make sure to give your writing some reading room. 

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I feel my children all love to read because of my example. I try to do the same thing as a teacher.

Lyric James said...

I completely agree. There's nothing like reading a beautiful phrase and saying to yourself..."I love that." Some writers have beautiful prose...some have to work at it. I love to read. One of my daughters does too. The other...not so much unless he finds a series she really really likes.