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A Grand Murder Giveaway and Author Chat with Stacy Verdick Case

The Ludis welcomes author, Stacy Verdick Case to the arena for a chat about her latest release A Grand Murder, and to give away a signed print copy to one lucky reader! To enter just comment below for your name to be placed into the hat. The winner will be chosen  and announced on Saturday, January 21st.
Now it's time to lean back in your chair with a nice hot cuppa and enjoy our chat with Stacy.

Tell us a bit about your book A Grand Murder.

A Grand Murder is the first book to follow Catherine O’Brien a St. Paul, Minnesota homicide detective with a monstrous coffee habit, frequent bad hair days, and in irreverent outlook on life. It’s a fun, fast paced mystery, so if want to read something hardboiled you’ll have to keep looking. 

Did you learn something new about yourself or the writing process while working on A Grand Murder?

Yes, I learned I was homicidal.  Prior to this, I was writing romance. I thought I was a lover not a fighter.

You have both fiction and non-fiction works published. How is writing one different than the other?

Non-fiction is about writing with clarity, and a singular topic in mind. For instance when I write articles on creating a hook at the end of your chapter or scene to keep readers turning pages I don’t go off on a self-editing tangent.

With fiction you get to be a little bit looser with focus. You have your main plot of course which carries through the whole thing but you can also throw in several subplots or vignettes throughout.

The language is different too. Writing non-fiction for me takes on a more formal tone, unless it’s a blog post, where with fiction I get to have a little fun with my word choices.

Non-fiction is faster for me to write, because I don’t have to invent the wheel. It’s all facts. In fiction you have to create time and place, which is a much slower process.

Where did you get the inspiration for A Grand Murder?

I wanted to kill my former boss.  See, I told you that I learned I was homicidal! He absconded with a large sum of my money, and it was the first time I believed that I was actually capable of killing another human being, so I did, on paper. I think that’s healthier than actually killing someone.

I felt a lot better about that instinct after a former detective told me that, for women, the number one reason they commit murder is money. I would have thought love but no. Apparently, steal my man and I’ll bounce back, but steal my money and may God have mercy on your soul.

The whole process was very cathartic for me. I no longer wish to harm that person.

Do you have a daily writing routine or process?

Yes, I write for a half an hour every morning before I leave for work. I also carry my notebook with me everywhere so I can sneak in writing time whenever I have a chance. Doctors who are running late, oil changes, long bank lines, are all a blessing to me. I got a whole chapter written during a really boring meeting once. I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Tell us three little known things about Stacy Verdick Case

1)      I don’t think anyone outside my family knows that I’m extremely sentimental. I have every card my husband’s ever given me.
2)      I cry at the drop of the hat. My family’s nickname for me is the weeping willow.
3)      I’m afraid to fly but I once flew a plane for the experience of it.

If you could spend the day in your book would you? And what would you do?

Yes, I would love to be an observer in my book. Maybe an office worker at the precinct, so I could watch the interactions of Catherine and Louise the two main characters. I think that would be fun.

Do you have a favorite part of A Grand Murder? If so please share it with us and why it’s your favorite.

I love all the interactions between Catherine and her husband Gavin. I think it gives a different perspective on the character and shows her softer side. Of course, there’s also a scene where Louise accidently knocks a man unconscious that I think is funny, and Catherine get’s a lot of mileage out of it in the book.

Most writers are also avid readers, what are you reading now?

I always have one print and one audio going at the same time (my commute would be miserable without audio books). The print book is Web Thinking: Connecting, Not Competing, For Success by Dr. Linda Seger. All of Linda’s books are like gold to me, and I’ve read this one before but it’s worth reading over again. The audio of the moment is The Taker by Alma Katsu.

The age old question…… Coke or Pepsi?


Any news to share for upcoming events, new projects, or releases?

Yes, A Grand Murder has an audio book release, which I’m really excited about. My Mom has macular degeneration, so I lobbied hard for an audio book.

What would you like to say to your readers and fellow writers?

To my readers, THANK YOU for choosing A Grand Murder, I feel so blessed that you would take time to read my book. An extra special thank you to those who have reviewed it, clicked a like button, or clicked on a star rating on various sites, doing so has given my little book legs. I am so thankful and humbled.

To my fellow writers I wish I could hug all of you. I know how hard it is to juggle everything in your life. If you are compelled to do this then you must keep writing.

Thank you Stacy for joining us in the Ludis and sharing a bit of your book and life. 

You can find Stacey Verdick Case at and Before the Fall Publishing 
A Grand Murder is available in paperback, audio, and for the Nook at Barnes&Noble 

Don't forget to leave a comment for Stacy or Gladiator's Pen to be entered in the drawing for a chance to win a signed print copy of A Grand Murder.  The winner will be drawn and announced on Saturday January 21st. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. 


Dave P Perlmutter said...

Enjoyed the interview and now following this blog.

I am writing a non fiction and agree with Stacey about inventing the wheel, as it is true, the wheel invents it's self!

This is my first time as a writer and I wanted to put down in writing what happen to me, check out my blog

I look forward to further posts from you.


Dave Perlmutter

Anonymous said...


When you write your books do you know all along how the book will end?


Christy said...

Great interview Stacy! I love that you chose to write about murder instead of murdering your boss. lol I'm sure a lot of people can relate. I will have to check out your website. christina_92 at

CityGirl said...

Stacey - this sounds like a great read! I am always on the lookout for fun and quirky mysteries to read - and if coffee's included, all the better!

rhonda said...

This sounds like a mystery I would love.contests

rhonda said...

Would love to read your book.