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Character Chat with Christine and James from Anna James' Coming Home

Welcome to Christine and James! Very nice to have our first fictional character chat with you in the Ludus. Tell us a little bit about your book Coming Home by Anna James

Thank you for having us and for letting us share our story with your readers.

Coming Home is a story about family deception, family reunions and the kind of love that triumphs over all odds.

Christine, your heart belongs to James Buchanan. What made you fall in love with him?

James is kind and loving and sexy as hell and the way he makes me feel…. Oh!  I get all tingly inside.

What made you run away from him?

I thought that he was having an affair with my sister and that he was the father of her son.

What made you realize you still loved him enough to come home?

I’ve never stopped loving him! I only left because it hurt too much to stay. The reason I finally came back is because I learned some very interested things about my family that lead me to believe, hope really, that Andrea had lied to me about her relationship with James. I knew I had come home and do everything in my power to win James back.

Are you afraid or excited to see him again?

Both! I’m excited because I can’t wait to see him again; I’ve missed him so much. But at the same time I’m afraid. I don’t know what to expect. I know my leaving must have hurt him and I can only imagine what he thinks of me right now. I will have a tough road ahead of me.

James, when did you know Christine was the one for you?

I think I’ve always known somewhere deep inside. Even when Christine was younger there was always something about her. She’s a warm, loving person with a beautiful heart.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for Christine?

On our first date I packed a picnic basket and we went to Christine’s favorite place, a little meadow that is located where our families’ properties join together. We went for a long walk then sipped champagne and fed each other chocolate covered strawberries as the sun went down.   

How did you feel when Christine left? Do you still think about her?
I was devastated when Christine left. It felt like I lost a vital part of myself. And to this day I still have no idea why she did it. I’m really angry that our relationship meant so little to her, that I meant so little to her, that she could throw it all away like that.

Do I think about her? Every day! It’s hard not to when my family is so close to hers.

Did you ever think about going after her?

I did but Andrea, Christine’s sister, convinced me at it would be better not to.

Can one of you share a favorite moment or scene in your book with us?

Sure! This is how it all began…

The night security man greeted her warmly as Christine entered the building. She felt a pang of regret for not even acknowledging the man as she rushed past him on her way toward the row of elevators located at the far end of the lobby. She stabbed the call button and waited anxiously for the elevator to arrive. I need to speak to James now. I need him to reassure me that things Andrea said today are not true. James loves you, she told herself fiercely. Andrea is lying. She has to be.
All right, so things aren’t that great between us right now, she acknowledged ruefully. They haven’t been for a while. Not since that horrible argument between us after his trip to California. There’s so much tension when we’re together and James is so distant, downright cold at times. We haven’t made love in weeks, her mind tormented further. It doesn’t mean he’s in love with Andrea, she denied furiously.
The elevator arrived and she stepped in. As it moved upward her mind drifted back to the conversation she’d had with Andrea, her sister, earlier that day. `He loves me now. You had your chance but you were too focused on your career… James is a fabulous lover. He made passionate love to me when we were at that conference in California, hecouldn’t help himself,’ she had delighted in saying. ‘James is the father of my baby’.
No! Her mind screamed again in denial. Until you hear it straight from James you can’t believe anything she says. You know she would do anything to split us up.
The elevator car stopped and the doors opened on the top floor. Christine took a deep breath and stepped out. James’s office was just down the hall to the left.
She could hear muffled sounds coming from his office as she approached and paused just before she reached the door. Who was in there with him at this time of night? It was late; well after ten o’clock.
“Its okay, Andrea. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay,” he said.
Christine stepped into the open doorway and froze in horror. Andrea was in James’ arms, sobbing. He was holding her—so close—she acknowledged painfully as tears welled in her eyes.
“I am not going to let you go through this alone. I’ll be there for you every step of the way. You can count on me, Andrea. I promise.”
“What about Christine?” Andrea cried.
“I will deal with Christine,” James said with chilling finality, and then lifted Andrea’s head from where it rested on his chest and gave her a gentle kiss. “I promise, Andrea. I will be there for you. I won’t let you down.”
Christine gasped. James looked up. Their eyes collided and Christine knew the truth. She turned and ran as if all the demons of hell were chasing her.

Where can readers get Coming Home so we can find out how your story unfolds?

Coming Home is available from the following places:


Thank you both for sharing some of your heart-clenching story. Look for Coming Home by author Anna James and find out if Christine and James can get back the love they thought they lost. 

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